10 Tips to Consider Before Buying A Laptop

10 Tips and Essentials you should remember when buying a Laptop:

If you are planning to buy a Laptop in the future or recent days, no matter what, you must remember and keep in check some of the things and tips before purchasing any Laptop. There are millions of Laptops out there to choose from, but do you exactly know which one to buy for yourself, the laptop that would suffice your needs from all directions efficiently? Well, then there are things you should check and confirm before purchasing any computer, and you will know all the tips, tricks, and ideas later in this Laptop Ultimate Guide. But please always remember, there are specific types of Laptops, and not all the laptops are of the same kinds. Some Laptops run on Windows OS, some run on macOS, and some use ChromeOS to run. So you will have to choose the laptop which suits your needs and the work you are going to do on the device, so let’s sit tight and proceed further.

10 Tips to Consider Before Buying A Laptop

10 Tips and Essentials you should remember when buying a Laptop

Beginners Guide for Buying a Laptop with accordance to 2020!

Well, if you are a beginner and you don’t know that much about the laptop and its stuff, then you need some sort of Laptop buying guide, the guide which can lead you to have the computer for your needs and workload. So this Laptop Beginners’ buying guide will solve out all of your problems and will provide you a brief description and details about all the things about the laptop and its functions.

When a Beginner purchases a Laptop without any type of knowledge and guidance about it, that person undoubtedly faces some difficulties and problems because that particular laptop would not provide what the user wants. So it is always better to conclude all the things first at your home and then buy the computer which fulfills your requirements in all ways. Otherwise, you might lose your money, and you will have to purchase another laptop again. So the main thing is, just follow these 10 Tips and Things which I am going to tell you and you will surely see yourself in a better position when buying a Laptop next time. Because I will provide every detail and explanation, you would need about your device and its functions.

10 Tips and Things you should remember before buying a Laptop

Before explaining all the stuff, let me just tell you that there is always a difference between a new and a used Laptop, whether it’s the body of the laptop, battery life, repaired parts, or screen colors. But the things and tips I am going to tell you will give you an overview and explanation for both the Laptops, whether it is new or used. So let’s get started and check out the things for what you are here for:

Laptop’s Operating System

This factor is one of the essential elements you should remember before buying a Laptop. Because all the workload and the functions depend on a Laptop’s Operating System and you would not want programs to run on your laptop because of its compatibility.

So the thing is. Laptops come in a variety of Operating Systems by some significant IT manufacturers. Currently, Microsoft leads the list because its Operating System, which is “Windows,” is the most popular one, and it is elementary to understand for the users, and that is why it is the most used and reliable Operating System since its release. Users can do whatever they want on Windows OS; every program and game is capable of running on the Windows OS, but keep in mind that the specifications of a laptop dramatically affects its functions and results. Other than the Windows OS, there comes the macOS and ChromeOS. macOS allows its users to run all the significant applications and programs efficiently without any type of problems other than the Games! If you want a laptop for your work or just to run some specific programs, then you are good to go with the macOS Laptop. When it comes to ChromeOS, it offers much fewer programs and applications to its users than you might think. There are very few programs, apps, and games that you can run on a ChromeOS, so if you just want to surf and browse the internet or watch movies with your friends, then you can go with a ChromeOS, not for anything else.

You can check out this video representation of the difference between these three OS:


Check out for the Specifications

When it comes to running massive programs and playing Games on a Laptop, then you must have to spend some cash out of your pocket and get a Laptop with decent specification so that it can run the games and programs efficiently. No matter if you are buying a laptop running macOS, Windows OS, or ChromeOS, you will have to take a grave look at the specifications to ensure that they are enough for your needs. If your primary goal is Gaming, then you will have to choose the Laptop with High-End processor and Graphics Card, these two things will significantly affect the functionality of a program or the game. If you want to edit your videos, images, or render them in full quality, then again, you will have to go with a Laptop with a good Processor and Graphics Card. But if you are purchasing the laptop just for your home use, watching movies, surfing the internet, making presentations, or studying, then you can only choose the one with a regular specifications laptop. Even the computer with a four-core processor and you will be good to go.

Don’t miss to check out for the Battery Life

Don’t miss to check out for the Battery Life

Don’t miss to check out for the Battery Life

Battery life plays a vital role for you if you are a frequent traveler or a student. You would want a laptop with good battery life because it would be very much disturbing for you if you are studying and POOF! Your computer is battery dead because of its lower battery life. You would also not want your laptop to go numb when you are traveling, which is your only source of entertainment and get connected to your social friends. So always check out for the Battery life of a laptop no matter for what you are buying it for, it is still an excellent option to get one with the better battery because you don’t know when an emergency arrives. So that is why you would need to use your laptop anywhere or anytime.

Do you have enough cash?

Do you have enough cash to buy an expensive laptop

Do you have enough cash to buy an expensive laptop

Money is everything,” and that fits in when buying a Laptop. There are thousands of Laptops available for you to buy, some are expensive, some are cheap, and some have standard prices. So it depends on you for which one you pick for you. If you have a tight budget, then Chromebooks running ChromeOS would be a good fit for you as they are cheap if we compare it to the other Laptops and it can suffice your daily life needs efficiently.

If you have a standard budget and flexible workforce, then you can always go with a Windows Laptop as it provides you the All-In-One functions, which enable you to do whatever you want. But if you’re going to play High-End Games on it as well, just withdraw some cash out of your bank and buy a Gaming Laptop, which usually costs more than $800.

If you have a reasonable budget, and you want your laptop to look professional, slip, and smart, there is no better option than going with a MacBook. Apple provides its users with the High-End specifications Laptops that can suffice all of your needs, excluding the Games. You can run every program in your MacBook aside the games without any type of hustles, and you will also have a smarty in your hands. So why not give a try to this one?

You want a big one, right?

Screen Size and its Quality is some of the factors that most people overlook, and later then it causes the most hustles and problems. If you are buying a Laptop for your Home use or Gaming, then a large screen size is apparent. Usually, you would watch YouTube Videos, Watch Netflix, Movies, Play Games, or surf the internet, and a big screen size provides you the ultimate experience of it. Aside from the screen size, screen quality also really matters, and if the screen quality isn’t right, you would not be happy with your device. Always remember to choose a Laptop that provides a deep contrast of colors and check out for its refresh rate. The higher the Refresh Rate, the sharper the richness and experience when playing the games or watching the movies.

Don’t compromise on RAM

RAM helps you to run all of your Programs and Applications efficiently and smoothly. In case if you do the Multi-Tasking, meaning if you are surfing the web, and in the background, you are playing as well, and with the other application, you are downloading your favorite movie, so what will help you to get out of this situation smoothly? Of course, its RAM, and it will help you to Multi-Task in any way you want. No matter if you are getting a new laptop or a used one, you can always insert the extra stick of RAM to increase because usually, laptops have lesser RAM than the PCs. Also, check out for the RAM’s frequency, because of the higher its rate, the more chances for your Applications to run faster and smoother.

Here is how you can insert the extra RAM by yourself:


Inspect the Keypad and the Touchpad

If you are going with a used laptop, then this is the must-do task before purchasing it. Used laptops usually have keys that are jammed or the touchpad, which works in one direction and not in another. Also, do check out the touchpad by performing different alignments on it, like two fingers touch, zoom in or zoom out touch, try to draw something on Paint by using the whole touchpad to ensure that it is working correctly.  As for the keypad, check out for the keys if they are broken or misplaced or they are not working correctly, if all is fine, then you are useful to go.

Is the Brand you are choosing good enough?

Aside from the MacBooks, Windows Laptops and Chromebooks are manufactured by hundreds of brands out there. You might know the trusted and reliable brands like Asus, Dell, Acer, Samsung, MSI, and many others. But not all of the Brands are presumed and safe because there might be cheap material used in the laptops, which could cause the hardware failure later when you have already bought it. So it is always better to go with a trusted brand and do detailed research about that particular brand before buying its laptop. Even if you have to spend a little extra cash on it, choose the brand which suits the world!

Choose between the 2-in-1 or a traditional Laptop

2 in 1 Laptop

2 in 1 Laptop

2-in-1 laptops are getting popularity day by day as technology advances. Every other day new and better 2-in-1 laptops launches, which provide some little extra features to their users, which can be very useful for them. 2-in-1 Laptops provide a unique classy look to its users if we compare it to the same old traditional laptops, but these laptops usually have the lower specifications in general. Other than the specifications, most of the 2-in-1 laptops are detachable from their keyboards so that the users can transform it into a portable tablet, and it can be easy to carry the device in no time. Not only that, but it also makes the users comfortable while using the touch screen on a Laptop as it is more convenient and advances using the touch screen other than tiring your hands typing and roaming the mouse all over.

So if you can compromise on specifications to get the new classy look with amazing features, then why not go for a portable 2-in-1 Laptop, which provides you a better option than the traditional one.

Check out for the Laptop’s Features

By the laptop’s features, I correctly mean the Webcam, Wireless Connectivity, Ports, and other such types of things. If you are buying a computer to chat with friends or for your work where you would have to attend online meetings, then you would have to choose a Laptop with HD Webcam, or it can ruin all of your personality in front of your colleagues or friends. In usual, Webcams supporting 1080p and 60 FPS are the ones which suit the users because it provides the ultra HD output as well as the 60 Frame Rates per second. Talking about the connectivity, check out if the laptop supports Bluetooth, Hotspot, and Wi-Fi because these things will be in your daily use, and without them, there is no point buying a Laptop. There are other features on some laptops which are cool and all, but they are not that important, but if you have money to afford them, then you can indeed go for the laptop, which has extra features, and those features fit in for you.

Why are the points mentioned above essential?

Well, it is pretty simple; if you don’t keep these points in mind, you will simply get scammed by the seller if you are going with a used laptop. Even if you are going with a new notebook, these points will tell you everything to check out for, and because it is an exclusive Laptop buying guide, it will provide a detailed overview of anything.

But even after checking out this Beginners Buying Guide, you should search out yourself on the internet for the Laptops and decide first to which one you are getting for yourself. It will make it hustle free for you and will make it more simple to buy the laptop.

Which Laptop brand is the most reliable and affordable?

Mixing up the two words “Reliable” and “Affordable” seems pretty harsh to me as it is indeed not possible to get reliable laptops at a lower price. If you want to get a reliable Laptop, then you will have to increase your budget, and if you want an affordable laptop, you will have to compromise on its reliability. But it will be better if Laptops provide you pretty decent security at an affordable price and that is why there are some brands which can offer you so.

Talking about the reliability, Apple is the one that cannot be beaten by any other brand. Because of its credibility in its devices as well as its functions. But no one can also beat Apple in its price because the Laptops of Apple are super-expensive, and they are not even near to the affordable prices. If we check out the manufacturers of Chromebooks and Windows Laptops like MSI, Asus, Dell, HP, or Lenovo, they provide pretty reasonable prices as well as the specifications. Still, the reliability is, of course, not to the point. To better understand the differences between these, here are the Pros and Cons of these brands and please do note that these are not the full Pros and Cons but just to provide you an overview of reliability of all these brands:

Pros and Cons of an Apple Laptop

  • Best reliability in the industry
  • Long Battery Life and up to 12 Hours of Backup
  • Professional Look and Design
  • Reliable Laptop components which increase Laptop’s Life
  • Best features and specifications in the deal
  • Super expensive and hard to afford
  • Not all games can run on Apple’s Laptops
  • Other components to be bought separately.

Pros and Cons of any other Brand’s Laptop

  • Affordable and Cheap
  • Excellent Specifications in the deal
  • Good screen size
  • No components to be bought separately
  • Decent reliability of components, but not comparable to Apple’s
  • All programs can be run easily
  • Frequent Hardware failure
  • Concise battery life
  • Screen Problems
  • Short laptop life because of the frequent failures

Which brand accessories are readily available in the market?

If you are going with a Windows Laptop, then you can easily find the attachments of any brand you would buy. Windows Laptops usually have some kind of work function and algorithm, which makes it very easy to find the accessories and replace them up. But generally, you will find the laptop accessories expensive because the Laptops have to be repaired professionally and with the professional touch.

If we talk about the accessories of Apple’s Laptops like Macbooks, it would be super hard, and not everyone can replace Apple’s hardware easily. The second thing is, if you, by chance, find the components you are looking for your Macbook, it would be expensive that you would consider buying a new one. Now it is totally up to you to choose the one which suits you!

Now Coming to the resell value of both the brands and manufacturers, Apple has still got the upper hand because of its high demand components and accessories. You can sell out your Macbook or any other Apple device at a reasonable price value. But, what about Windows Laptops and Chromebooks? Well, there is terrible news that you might not want to hear. The resell value of Laptops from brands like HP, Dell, Asus, MSI, Razer is shallow. The reason behind it is that the components of these Laptops are readily available throughout the market, and hundreds of brands manufacture it. And in case of malfunction of the device, most of the users prefer to buy new parts. This thing causes the resell market of Windows Laptops and Chromebooks to go down.

Finally, which one should you go with?

Well, this entirely depends on your workflow and your needs. If you have extra cash in your pocket and you only need a Laptop for your work, then there is no better pick than a Macbook. If you want to do Gaming, Surfing, Working, and any other thing, you can always pick Windows Laptop; even if you are tight on budget, Windows Laptop will provide you good response and performance. Finally, if you are tense or short on your budget and only want a laptop for just specific tasks, Chromebook is the best option for as it is very cheap and provides the best of it for its specific functions and programs. But when you are finally buying the laptop, don’t forget to check out all the things and essentials that I have told you above so that no one could scam you, and you would get what you want.

Concluding the Guide

You can always check out this Ultimate Buying Guide even if you are a beginner or a pro; it is still best to keep a check on the things which you are going to buy. You might face some real consequences if you don’t follow this Laptop buying guide and if you don’t want to regret later, just follows the points and tip, and you will get a fantastic device for your needs which will provide you complete access to your programs!



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