All-new Apple Macbook Pro 2020 doubles up everything

All-new Apple Macbook Pro 2020 doubles up everything!


Apple Macbook 2020: Apple has recently officially announced that it is updating the Macbook Pro, and it will come up with the performance boost in the device. It is pretty clear now that the all-new device will have some serious performance upgrades, and it can even provide the double performance to its users.

It doesn’t matter if you are a regular traveler, student, designer, programmer, or a home user, Apple Macbook Pro 2020 has got it all you need. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest devices of 2020 as there recently hasn’t been so many releases, and it was an excellent chance for Apple to bring in something, and they used that chance pretty well. Most of the devices were delayed because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, but nothing can stop Apple from bringing in their devices for their users.

What has been updated in Macbook Pro 2020?

Certain things have been updated in the all-new Macbook Pro 2020, and users might find some similarities between the Macbook Pro 16 Inch and the current one. One of the coolest things that have been added to the Macbook Pro 2020 is its new keyboard. Apple itself has given it the name of “Magical Keyboard” because of its beauty, design, and functions.

Now getting towards the original specifications of the device, we see the significant difference in the storage as Apple has made sure to double it up. Doubling the room can give you a lot of space, and users can freely store any type of data, no matter its size, with ease of mind. As we all know, HDD is not the option in the Macbooks, and the same goes for this one, so this time we can see up to 4TB of SSD storage in the 2020 variant. Now you can store a whole lot of your favorite Movies and Series in HD quality.

Now Taking a look at the speed of the device, it has also been improved a lot. Users used the dual-core processor in the previous Macbook Pro models, but this time, Macbook Pro 2020 is teamed up with the 4-Core Intel 10th Generation Processor, which speeds up all of your tasking, programming, and gaming. Specifically talking, the processor core speed will be 4.1GHz, which ensures the stability and smoothness of your programs and applications. Moving from the 2-Core processors to the 4-Core ones is an excellent move by Apple, and it makes the device future proof.

Last but not least is the Memory Speed of the device that has been dramatically increased in the current variant. Users will now see the 16GB of RAM with a frequency of 3733MHz. Not only that, but users will also be provided with the option to increase RAM up to 32GB.

Design and the looks of the Macbook Pro 2020

Design and the looks of the Macbook Pro 2020


Who doesn’t want a cool shiny laptop which is thin, portable, and easy to carry? Well, Apple has got you covered with their Macbook Pro 2020 because it has some classy severe looks in it. This 13 Inch device has got a sleek and slim body with the aluminum design. Users can choose the colors between the Space Gray or Silver, which both look pretty appealing on the device. Not only that, but the tool also weighs only about 3 Pounds so that the users could carry it anywhere they want.

One of the most significant things of the device is its display, and its features, the 13-inch retina displays offer its users the 4 million pixels and colors which delivers the exact right image to them in the correct way. Alongside with that, the full-color gamut makes it easy for the users to have a better viewing experience than ever before.

Price and Release Date of Macbook Pro 2020

The price of Macbook Pro 2020 is starting from $1200, and it can go up as per your changes in the device. You can buy the equipment from now on from Apple’s official store or any other authorized sellers and get your hands on one of the best gadgets of 2020.





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