Apple MacBook Air M1 Chip Review

As you might now know, Apple has introduced its all new Apple Macbook Air 2021 with some fantastic features and specifications to fulfill your needs and requirements. So it is worth a shot? If it is, what benefits and how much-improved performance can you get from the previous ones?

Apple MacBook Air M1 Chip Review
Apple MacBook Air M1 Chip Review

 Apple also introduced its Macbook Pro 2020 that arrived with an Intel 10th gen processor. But this time, Apple has integrated the M1 chip in their Macbook Air 2021, and users are eagerly waiting to check out its performance.

The difference between Macbook Air and Macbook Pro

Most people get confused between the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro that which one they should buy. The same scenario goes for the difference between Chromebook and a Laptop where the whole functions and operating systems are different from the looks.

If we talk about the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, there is not much difference between the devices other than the weight and integrations. The Macbook Air is considerably lighter than the Macbook Pro and comes with lesser cores than the Pro variant. MacBook Pro is specifically designed to perform massive tasks without reducing anything from the laptop to optimal performance. Still, there is not much performance difference between the two, as the benchmarks from different sources conclude.

Don’t know how to buy the right laptop? No problem!

Buying the perfect laptop can be irritating and time-consuming as you have to decide which one to go with. There are so many other available choices to choose from, like Windows Laptop, Chromebook, or Macbooks. First, you will have to know the real difference between a Macbook and a Laptop, and then decide which one can be a good fit. Other than that, you can check out these great tips to consider before buying a laptop to make sure that you actually get the perfect device for your needs. If you are looking forward to purchasing a Gaming Laptop, then this ultimate gaming laptop buying guide can ease up your problems!

What does Macbook Air 2021 offer to its users?

I think now is the time to discuss the specifications of the Macbook Air 2021 and see what it has got to offer!

MacBook Air 2021 Processor and Graphical performance

The Processor and Graphical performance of macbook air m1 2021

The Apple Macbook Air 2021 is one of the fastest devices that they have ever produced. It comes with the all-new Apple M1 chip to deliver better processing speed along with the graphical needs. The all-new M1 processor comes with eight cores to handle the tasks efficiently and quickly. Apple claims that this chip offers 3.5 times more speed and efficiency than their previous models so that the users can perform every project within seconds.

If we talk about the graphical performance, the M1 chip delivers one of the fastest visual performances to handle the pixels and graphic oriented tasks and programs. Users will not surely have to worry about the lag or shutter in their crucial programs and applications.

Apple Macbook Air with M1 Chip: Integrated Memory

The Apple Macbook Air 2021 comes with 8 GB unified memory so that everything could be fastest than ever. Combining an M1 chip and 8GB integrated memory can be an excellent fit for multitasking without any significant problems. That is why it can also be the best Apple laptop for programming and performing similar tasks. If you are looking for a very specific gaming laptop under budget, then Macbook Air 2021 is not a good fit because of the specific industry’s OS and game production.

The model comes in two variants, one is 256 GB, and the other one is 512 GB. The best thing about the Apple Macbook Air 2021 is that there is only SSD storage. Users won’t have to face slow loading, shuttering, or time-consuming bootup, all thanks to the fast SSD integrated.

Apple Macbook Air 2021: Display

Apple Macbook Air 2021: Display

MacBook Air M1 Battery Life

The battery is undoubtedly one of the most crucial things that cause problems for laptop or Macbook users. A good battery backup time in the device is nothing less than a blessing.

Apple claims that the battery integrated in their Macbook Air 2021 can efficiently serve up to 18 hours for the video playback time. If we talk about browsing and performing minimal tasks, the battery would offer up to 15 hours of backup without any interference.

The battery backup time is still good and can be accepted as per seeing the laptop’s weight and thinness. You cannot make a computer thinner and lighter along with a bigger battery.

MacBook Air Design and Look

MacBook Air Design and Look

Have Apple ever failed to deliver the best possible design and look in their devices? I think not! This Apple Macbook Air weight is only 1.29 kg, which is impressive for a machine like this. One of the things that makes this Macbook even more, smarter is its dimensions!

Apple Macbook Air 2021 is thinner than ever and has dimensions of 30.41×21.4×0.41 cm. If you are literally looking for the best laptops for college students, this is your choice because of its actual lightweight, which makes it easy to carry, and premium specifications for optimal performance.

The device’s overall design is pretty simple, as we have seen for the past couple of years. There is just the Apple Logo infused on the back of the laptop, which is pretty much enough to charge the laptop’s perception.

MacBook 2021 Available colors

MacBook 2021 Available colors

This model is specifically available in three different colors, which gives the users the option to choose according to their likings. The colors are Silver, Space Grey, and Gold, which seems pretty decent on a laptop.

As I stated earlier, the computer comes with an elegant yet simple look, so if you want to give it a different look, you might have to get Macbook covers or custom made wallpaper covers.

I would recommend keeping it simple because the Apple Macbook Air would seem beautiful in its original colors. Other than that, it is up to you!

Efficiency of New MacBook Air 2021

To make the Macbook even more silent, Apple has taken out the fan from it. Now you can perform your essential tasks in complete silence without any interruption. It can be the best laptop for programming students because they usually want a quiet environment to focus on programming and develop different ideas.

MacBook Air with M1 Chip Features

  • Wi-Fi 6: The Apple Macbook Air 2021 comes with the latest Wi-Fi generation. The Wi-Fi 6 ensures that the users would be connected to the internet without any disconnections and low latencies. You can efficiently surf the internet and watch movies without any interruption or lag, thanks to the Wi-Fi’s 6th generation.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: Bluetooth 5.0 is also available to transfer files and important documents from other devices with just some simple clicks. You will be able to transfer the files with a higher speed rate than before because of the improved technology.
  • Touch ID: The improved security can secure your Macbook from the others, and your data will be protected at all times. If you want to know how to further protect your device from hackers and viruses, check out the article now!
  • Magic Keyboard: This particular keyboard will offer you a comfortable typing experience along with its premium feels.
  • 720P HD Camera: The camera can be used to video call, attend online classes, or chat with your friends in good quality.

The price of Apple Macbook Air 2021

The Apple Macbook Air 2021 has been introduced to the internet with a starting price of $900. It indeed is an excellent budget programming laptop as per checking out its features and specifications. The cost can even go up to $1500 depending on the specifications you choose.

Is Apple Macbook Air 2021 worth its price?

It is! Apple has introduced its new chip in the Macbook, which has made the laptop even faster than the previous ones. The starting price of $899 seems pretty good as you can get many premium specifications.

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