Apple MacBook Pro 2019 Review

New Apple Macbook Pro 2019 Review

This Apple MacBook pro is the newest product of the Apple Company launched to meet all your expectations as it fulfilled mine. There is no doubt in my mind when I am claiming that this 16 inches laptop is the most powerful product ever invented by the company as it contains some greatly admirable features.


Unlike other laptops that I have used, the new Apple MacBook Pro has a brilliant 16-inches retina display, superfast processors, greatest battery capacity, gigantic storage capability, perfect keyboard, and next-generation graphics.

Using this laptop makes you realize that it is specially designed while keeping in mind the needs of professional users like game developers who work whole day Infront of the screen. After using it, I personally believe, this is the best 16 inch laptop in the market that gives you best users experience because of its retina display and long running battery.

Before buying this Apple MacBook pro, I searched thoroughly about its advanced features and trust me, it would not be wrong to say that the information you get regarding this laptop only adds to your urge of buying it. To save your time from exploring the internet, I have mentioned all the key features alongside a detailed description of this laptop below.


The i9 intel core processor of this 16-inches MacBook pro is its huge selling point as it is responsible for providing the performance which is double the performance of a quad core MacBook Pro. The processing power of up to 16 threads and 8 cores allows you to enjoy the sustaining performance for long duration. Having a good processing unit in your personal device is no less than a blessing because not every PC is capable of providing more work in less time. But this MacBook Pro has the fastest processing speed that can handle large instructions responsible for running applications and performing tasks in no time. No wonder you can do coding, tracking, compiling etc. in a record time.

What enables the fastest processing in the 16-inches MacBook Pro is the advanced thermal design with fan blades featured on it. These fan blades and heat-dispersing propellers support effective airflow to provide efficient cooling by reducing the heat effect up to 35%.


Being a music lover, I have never found a notebook with a loud voice but guess what my new 16-inch MacBook Pro comprises the biggest bass with the best mic. It has a big sound system with six speakers perfect to fill the room with wide and loud sound. To provide a better music experience, the makers have installed the dual force cancelling woofers that cancels out the background noise and extracts the vibration buzz from the natural sound.

Other than this, the new MacBook offers a half octave deeper bass that lessens the sound distractions and disruptions even when the volume is maximum. In addition to this, the loud and clear voice of this MacBook Pro saves you money that you invest in purchasing a dorky headset. I am glad to tell you that while using this MacBook, I never felt a need to wear heavy headphones. To believe my words, perform an experiment. Compare the sound 16-inch MacBook Pro with that of the other MacBook and you will see the difference.

If you are fortunate enough to have a 16-inch MacBook Pro, you do not need to look for studio quality mics. The high-quality sound of this notebook’s mics is commendable for studio recordings.  The professional microphones are designed to record the transparent sound of the music recordings and podcasts.

16-inches Retina display

Image doing your work on a wide, beautiful 16-inches workspace. It feels awesome to know that you possess a MacBook consisting of the largest Retina display ever featured on a notebook. The liquid crystal molecules and the 500 nits of brightness provide excellent quality whites and blacks on the screen due to their perfect orientation. The fun gets double when you get to watch the videos and images brighter and clearer with the retina display. Up till now my experience of playing games and video on my MacBook Pro has been great because of the P3 wide color gamut accountable for brilliant and colorful display. 

The thinner borders on the screen make the content to standout in the video. With high resolution up to 3072 x 1920 pixels and you can notice the minute to minute details like I did while watching a thriller movie.


While using the Apple MacBook Pro 16-inches, you will not face any storage issues as it contains plenty of storage capacity which is 2666MHz of DDR4 memory. The 64 GB memory space is enough to run the Mac notebook smoothly even in the case of multitasking. This quality of 16-inch MacBook pro makes you feel free to download and edit images with billion pixels, to play heavy sound recordings and to run multiple virtual machines.


The performance of Apple MacBook Pro 16-inches is great as it possesses 8 core processing units to do the work at the fastest speed. Moreover, it has 64 GB memory storage to download heavy files and applications irrespective of the number. The overall performance rate of 16-inches Apple MacBook Pro is 7,250 which is much appreciated by video editors. For this Apple MacBook Pro, only 8 minutes are required to transcode a heavy video or file which for other devices is more than 10 minutes. In comparison to its predecessors, the 16-inch MacBook Pro has a great reading speed of 2,540 MBps. From the display perspective, this MacBook Pro does not disappoint its users. The perfectly aligned molecules and the color gamut are responsive to providing high-quality bright display.


What is the value of large storage capacity, magical keyboard, and six speakers sound system when the graphics are not impressive? But this question is irrelevant to ask in the case 16 inches MacBook Pro which is 3.5 times better and faster than the Radeon Pro 560X series. It is comprised of 40 compute Unit that I charged up to Radeon Pro 5600M when I render ultra-high-definition-videos. This quality is best laptop for game developers who need to work on 3D graphic models.


The most admirable feature of the new 16-inches Apple MacBook Pro to me is its magical keyboard. This keyboard is the reason why using this device is so much fun. The keys are very slim and smooth to touch. The look of the keypad reminds you of the Apple’s desktop keyboards as it is inspired by them.

To enter a key, you need to press hard, but here the work can be done easily with a light touch. Under every key, there is a rubber dome to increase comfort and help the key to bounce back to its position. This efficient keyboard has a developed scissor mechanism with 1mm travel to provide a sound-free responsive typing experience.

The Touch ID button on the keyboard offers fast authentication of the user. It is a relief to know that you do not have to enter long digits passwords anymore. On the other hand, the Touch bar works great to move the cursor effortlessly.

Battery life and Price

Using this MacBook, I explore the internet for almost 11 hours without charging it even once. It is hard to express how it feels to watch seasons without a break. This MacBook is 100-watt-hours which is the highest we can find in a laptop. Even with high brightness of almost 150 nits the battery does get drained and reach the target of running up to 10 hours.  

After learning about all the advanced features of MacBook pro, you might be thinking about the price of this device. Let me tell you that a MacBook pro costs about $2,399 which is almost equal to the price of the 16-inches MacBook Pro.

Final Verdict

I have been using 16-inches Apple MacBook Pro for quite some time and I am glad that I bought this for myself. I am impressed with the features of this MacBook pro, especially the Keyboard which is exceptionally smoother to use and the 16-inches retina display. There are numerous reasons to say that this MacBook is a good purchase which includes, its excellent storage capacity, high-quality speakers and mic, wonderful battery life and graphics. Like we say, nothing is perfect, similar to every other device, 16-inches MacBook Pro has some features that are not really praiseworthy like its charging time and its appearance. The look of this laptop is not so trendy which to me is one of the few drawbacks. But it is not inappropriate to say that 16- inches MacBook Pro is the most advanced item of the Apple company.

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