Top 10 Best Laptop for Teachers

Best Laptop for Teachers 2020

If you are a lecturer or a teacher, then you might be familiar with the hurdles and difficulties when teaching the students. To overcome those difficulties, a good laptop can help you out for sure. There are different types of things a teacher has to do and complete, and it is not possible to do them without any help of a Laptop or Computer. There are assignments to be made, projects, presentations, video lectures, online tests, and hundreds of other things to compile. So can you do them all? Maybe not! That is why it is best to get your hands on a laptop that can offer you brilliant services for your needs and you could also make your life easier while teaching your students. 

There certainly are some excellent laptops for teachers if you are searching out for best laptops 2020, but there are some aspects you need to care about when buying a computer for your teaching needs. Because no one would want to spend the right amount of money on a device that can’t fulfil your needs, that is why it is essential to do your homework (it’s time for you to do, instead of your students) and compile a list of your needs and then check the Laptop if it offers all those features and functions. If you are a newbie into buying a laptop, you can check out the Top 10 Tips to consider before buying a laptop and these tips will surely help you a lot in getting a beast device.

But you don’t have to worry as I am briefly going to explain everything in this article and you will not have to do anything on your own and just pick a laptop from the list and check its features and buy it if it gets into your budget (No Homework, Congrats!).

What essential features should a Teacher Laptop have?

There indeed are some specific features and functions that should be integrated into a Teacher Laptop. These features and services offer suitable experience while teaching the students. These are the essential features that a Teacher Laptop should have:

  • High-Quality Camera (Atleast 720p)
  • Wi-Fi (Minimum 802.11)
  • Good processing speed and RAM (To handle different programs and tasks)
  • Vast Storage (To store video lectures, files, projects, and presentations)
  • Windows or Mac Operating System to run every program
  • Display with standard properties
  • Great Quality Sound System

If a laptop has all these features, then it is a perfect choice for your teaching needs. All of the features mentioned above serve their purpose at one point, and you would find them heavenly when needed. So never compromise on any of the said properties because they might get you in trouble later!

Are Chromebooks suitable for teachers?

If you are familiar with the Chromebooks, then you might now know that Chromebooks only use a specific operating system called ChromeOS. ChromeOS doesn’t have the capabilities to run many of the programs and tasks, and most of the companies do not launch any of their software for the ChromeOS because of its minimal abilities. 

There is a vast difference between a Chromebook and a Windows laptop that is why it is always best to check the features of both the devices or you can just look up the article mentioned above to get a complete overview of both of the methods.

You can only run the basic applications like Video Player, Image Viewer, Notepad, Recorder, or tiny applications like these. But a teacher, of course, needs something more than that; there are other tons of things a teacher has to do on a laptop to teach the students. So if you are planning to get a Chromebook for your teaching needs because of your low budget, then I would advise you to increase your budget a little bit and get a Windows laptop from the list I will provide later on.

But if you have checked your requirements and a Chromebook can fill them up, then I have great news for you. I have already piled up a list of best Under Budget Chromebooks that you can check out and pick the best one for you.

What to consider when searching for a laptop under $700?

I might not have stated this in the title, but we are going to discuss the best laptop under 700 Dollars that can quickly fulfill a teacher’s needs. This range goes lower to medium, but a computer you can get in this price tag would change your perspective of teaching. This range also allows most of the teachers to get their hands on and quickly get one of the devices for themselves.

If you are aiming to get a laptop under $700, then these are the essential things to look for:

  • Laptop Specifications
  • Laptop Features Including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Camera
  • Display Size and Properties
  • Price tag as per its specifications
  • Build Quality and Design
  • Battery Life and it’s capacity

If a laptop is good in all of these phases, then there is nothing to worry about, and you can get it without any concerns because a teacher would only need these things to make the best out of its teaching. Well, again you don’t need to do anything or search for any laptop because I am going to tell you the top 10 best laptops that can offer you best for your teaching needs.

Top 10 Best Laptop for Teachers under 700 Dollars:

Now we have finally arrived there for what you were waiting for. But now the wait is officially over as I am going to start the list. So do check out all of the laptops mentioned below and see if they are enough for your needs, then pick the best one for yourself. 

First, note that the laptops mentioned below are the budget laptop for teachers, and they certainly are not very high-end. Still, it is a guarantee that these laptops can easily handle every task related to teaching.

HP FHD Laptop 10th Gen

HP is a very high and reliable brand in terms of production of mid-range laptops and accessories. Not only that, but HP has also proved its worth with the High-End laptops and has told the world that they can do anything with any budget. That is why I have put a computer of HP in this list so that the users can get hands-on one of the best devices out there. The Laptop we are talking about is the HP 15″ Full HD laptop offering potential specifications and features to the users. This Laptop has got everything a user would need in this price range, and this device can perform every task with excellent performance for the teaching needs.

Taking a look at the specifications of this Laptop, it has got the newer generation of the Core I5 processor, which is a big plus point for this Laptop. Specifically talking, it has the Core I5-1035G1 Processor integrated into it which will handle all of the teaching programs and tasks without any problem. Not only that, but users can also run some massive programs on this processor as this processor is capable of handling such programs. Along with the beast processor, it has 8GB of DDR4 RAM in it which will allow the teachers to run multiple applications at the same time and 8GB RAM is necessary for a teacher laptop because it helps them teaching. 

Not only that, but the best part of this Laptop is also that it has an SSD integrated into it which makes the Laptop super fast and loads most of the programs at incredible speed. It has the 256GB of SSD which you can also increase by adding another one in the Laptop.

If we talk about the Design of this Laptop, it has got a beautiful one! The silver look along with the black interface makes it even more refreshing and smarter and offers a professional look, which is pretty essential for a teacher. The display of this Laptop is also Full HD (1920X1080), and the Laptop also has the big 15.6″ screen to offer you fantastic viewing experience which makes it the best 15 inch laptop. Now if we talk about the backup battery of this laptop, HP has stated that this best Laptop for education purposes will provide the battery backup of about 10 hours of mixed usage which seems pretty good for most of the users and me would be satisfied with this amount. 

Why should you buy this Laptop?

This laptop can be a great fit for your teaching essentials because of the:

  • Full HD Resolution which will significantly affect your viewing experience and will offer you classic colours.
  • Fast SSD that will drastically decrease the loading time of your applications and programs.
  • Extended Battery Backup time will ensure that you can use the laptop any time you want.
  • Ultra-Fast Processor to run all types of programs and applications without any kind of lag or shutter.

Dell Inspiron i3583

Dell Inspiron is a New Dell laptop having some great features integrated into it if you are looking for the best laptop for online teaching. The best thing available in this Laptop is its touch screen. The touch screen in a computer can be convenient for any teacher as it fastens up the tasking speed of a teacher. If you are looking for a device or a laptop with a high-quality touch screen display along with high specifications that can easily handle all of your programs, then Dell Inspiron i3583 can be an excellent choice for you. But please note that the touch screen for a laptop can also fire back, as the touch screens are sensitive and can get easily damaged from a little bump, so if you are sure that you can use it gently, then buy it. Otherwise, this might be not your type.

Moving towards the specifications of the Laptop, it has a great Core I5 8th generation processor. The 8th generation’s specific model is i5-8265U, that is a quad-core variant. Laptops having 4-cores processors can speed up your tasks way more than a computer having 2-cores processor, you will eventually see a significant difference between both of them. That is why it is always wise to choose a laptop with 4-Cores processor. 

Dell has also integrated 256GB SSD to make their Laptop super fast and not only that, but there is also 8GB DDR4 RAM to boost the multi-tasking abilities of the Laptop. This Laptop also has a built-in microphone along with the HD Webcam, which will help the teachers to perform online lectures with excellent video and audio quality. But if you can increase your budget a little, you can get best one of the best Gaming Laptops Under 1000 Dollars which will definitely outperform these laptops.

The Design and the body of this particular variant are pretty simple, and you might see many laptops with this interface. So if you are not a choosy or a fussy person, then the Design would not bother you any time. Aside from that, overall Laptop is in black along with the 15.6″ big display. This laptop can surely be the best 15 inch laptop that you can get for your needs. The resolution of the screen is 1366×768 which pretty much provides excellent watching and viewing experience. 

The battery backup of this Laptop is pretty standard; you will be able to use your Laptop for about 7 to 8 hours when fully charged. If you run heavy tasks and programs, your Laptop would probably last only 5 hours, but that too is good as per seeing the price tag.

Why should you buy this Laptop?

This laptop can be a great fit for your teaching essentials because of the:

  • Full HD 1080P Webcam which will allow you to produce quality 1080P videos for online lectures and recordings.
  • SSD Integration in the laptop that will speed up your computer in a dramatic way.
  • Professional and Simple Design along with excellent structure which complies with a teacher’s requirements.
  • Completion of all necessary features that a teacher would require for teaching.

Lenovo Flex 14 Convertible Laptop

As I have stated earlier, convertible or 2 in 1 laptop can undoubtedly be very flexible for teachers as they are fast to operate and you can perform any task by just tapping on the screen rather than typing some keys. This time Lenovo has brought us a great Convertible Laptop consisting of a Touch Screen along with a standard Keypad. 

Lenovo Flex 14 has some fantastic features and a high touch screen that the users can use to do multiple and unique tasks consisting of drawings, creating, and modifying. In this way, a teacher can get most of the touch screen. Lenovo has also kept the price of their variant pretty low, which ensures that most of the teachers around the globe can easily access the device. Anyone can get this best touch screen laptop under $700 from Amazon, and I think that this price is excellent as per seeing this Laptop has a touch screen.

Specifications of this Laptop are also excellent, and Lenovo has made sure to keep the specifications healthy enough to handle all types of applications and programs. You will certainly not be able to play High-End games on this device, but you can inevitably run all of the programs which you would need for teaching the students. An Intel Core I5, 8TH Generation processor, has been integrated into it along with the 8GB DDR4 RAM to ensure that the multi-tasking would never be interrupted by anyone. 

The graphics processing unit in this Laptop is Intel UHD 615, which is great for programs and tasks, but certainly not for Gaming purposes. There is also a 128GB SSD in this Laptop in which you can install the Operating System of your device, this will make your whole Laptop faster, and your Laptop will boot and shut down in no time. But if you want to integrate more SSD in your laptop, you can pick any of the Best SSDs for the Laptops and increase its storage for other applications. The 14″ Full HD Display also offers excellent quality images and videos and provides crystal clear result to the users. This laptop is indeed one of the best 14 inch laptops in this price range, but you can get a wider screen by just adding a few bucks. The IPS panel also ensures that the touch screen experience for the users would always be high.

The Design and structure of Lenovo Flex 14 are pretty simple and is black. Users can just convert the Laptop into tablet mode and enjoy the features of it without any extra efforts. Other standard features like HD 720P Camera, WI-FI, or Bluetooth are also included in the device, which makes it suitable for the teachers. The battery backup time of this variant is about 9 hours, which is enough for a teacher to spend the whole day with the Laptop without even charging touch screen laptop under

Why should you buy this Laptop?

This laptop can be a great fit for your teaching essentials because of the:

  • Touch Screen Panel that offers a premium look to the laptop and provides the ability to work faster than ever.
  • SSD Integrated into the laptop so that the users won’t have to wait longer to load their essential programs.
  • Best battery backup and charging time so that your laptop can be charged within minutes and you can use it for a longer run.
  • The compact size of the laptop so that it can be more comfortable to carry it anywhere around the globe.

ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop

Is there anyone in this era who doesn’t like slim devices? I bet there isn’t anyone with a taste like that. Seriously, everyone wants the compact devices having a new and thin body, and the laptops like these offer a professional look and Design. Well, ASUS ZenBook can be the best laptop for virtual classroom and has granted the wish of all and has brought a cool Ultra-Slim laptop for the Users and Teachers so that they can get excellent specifications along with fresh looks. 

This Laptop is also packed with some great pieces of requirements and features that are what makes this device a good one in this price tag. The official price of this Laptop from ASUS is about $700, and you can also get this Laptop from Amazon in the same price tag.

Going towards the specifications of this Laptop, you will find the Intel Core I5-8265U Processor which is undoubtedly suitable for programming, tasking, running typical applications and programs. So there is no concern about the processing speed of this device, and you can buy it without any more research. The RAM integrated into this Laptop is 8GB LPDDR3 RAM which seems to handle all of your multi-tasking and programs without any problems. Still, one drawback here is that this RAM is of the previous generation as laptops are now coming with the DDR4 RAMs. But it will not offer any impact on your programs, but newer generation components are always future proof. ASUS has also integrated a substantial 512GB SSD in their device in which not only you can install your OS, but store your essential programs and applications to run them with ultra-fast speed.

The display of this Laptop is of 13.3″ but has the HD resolution of 1920×1080. This resolution will offer you bright and accurate colours of your videos and images, and you can also enjoy your favourite movies or TV shows at any time you want. What makes this laptop the best 13 inch laptop is the resolution that is 1920×1080 to enjoy the clear display. In terms of features, this Laptop has got some amazing ones. ASUS has integrated the fingerprint security in their Laptop, which ensures the full protection of your data and no student will be able to copy down any of your assignments or tests even before you give them. 

Other standard features are also integrated into the device like WI-FI, Bluetooth, HD Webcam and HDMI Port to offer a complete package to the users. About the battery backup time, you will be able to use your Laptop for about 10 hours with the regular usage, and for the video playback time, the Laptop might offer you 6 to 7 hours without any problems.

Why should you buy this Laptop?

This laptop can be a great fit for your teaching essentials because of the:

  • Very Slim and attractive Design that offers the premium look every user would want.
  • Lightweight so that the users can easily carry it without any significant concerns.
  • Integration of SSD in the laptop which decreases the bootup and shut-down time.
  • Excellent security features, including the Fingerprint security to ensure the safety of your identity and data.
  • Compact size if you are more satisfied with small laptops.

HP 15.6″ HD Touch Screen Laptop

Have we previously discussed an HP laptop? Oh yes, but this one is pretty different from the one we discussed before. This one is integrated with a Touch Screen along with cool specs and it falls in the category of best 2 in 1 laptops, the one we discussed previously was an average keypad laptop. So here I have given you a choice to pick the one according to your mindset and work requirements and get the one for you that suits you the best for your teaching needs. 

HP devices are always worth their price, and if you are really into the touch screen laptops, then this Laptop is going to be a good fit for you and your needs. The price of HP 15.6″ Touch Screen Laptop on Amazon is around $700.99, and you can quickly get it from there. The best thing that HP has done with this device is that they have combined all the right specs and the touch screen to make it a perfect tool for standard work and use.

Now moving towards the specifications of this Laptop, you will find a fast and reliable Intel Core I5 10TH Generation Laptop, explicitly saying, Core I5-1035G1. This processor can be a good fit for your teaching programs and online applications as it has the latest architecture along with the excellent core speeds. Along with the excellent processor, there is also 16GB DDR4 RAM integrated into this Laptop which makes it super fast and you will never find any difficulty running multiple programs at once in your Laptop. 

Most of the manufacturers offer only 8GB RAM in this price tag, but HP is offering double of it along with the touch screen. 512GB of SSD has also been integrated into this device to make the processing of your programs super-fast, and you will be able to use your Laptop at ultra speeds without any type of shutter or lag.

As I have previously discussed before, this Laptop has a touch screen display, and I think that is also the main focus for the buyers who would consider buying it. It has the HD Micro-edge Display with WLED back panel which offers an excellent view for movies, images, and games. Other than that, the resolution of the Laptop is 1366×768 meaning that this display is not Full HD but only HD. You might not find any major or significant difference between the FHD and HD Display if you are not into movies or you are not planning to use your Laptop for films. 

If you are only going to use your Laptop for teaching purposes, then there would not be any problem at all. The battery backup time of this device is about 7 hours, as stated by the HP itself, which means that you will be able to spend most of the day without even charging it, if not using any massive task or program.

Why should you buy this Laptop?

This laptop can be a great fit for your teaching essentials because of the:

  • IPS Touch Screen Panel that will provide you with a smooth and slippery touch experience that you might not have experienced before.
  • A considerable amount of RAM to process multiple tasks.
  • Great Battery backup time so that the users can use their laptop for a more extended period.
  • Fast Processor with good core speed to boost up your tasking and programming speed.

Acer Nitro 5 Laptop

You might have seen many Acer Laptops around the professional programmers and Gamers. This is because Acer is a reliable brand, and they produce top-notch devices. The best thing about Acer is that it offers all types of Laptops to its users. Whether you want a laptop for Gaming, Programming, Home Use, Professional Use, or for any use, you will find all types manufactured by the Acer. 

The model we are going to discuss now is the Acer Nitro 5 which is one of the best laptop for online classes. Acer Nitro 5 is specifically a Gaming Laptop which means that it will offer you extraordinary performance on your standard teaching programs. Well, what more can you expect from a Gaming Laptop? The best thing about this Laptop is that it is a Gaming laptop with best specifications and you can get your hands on this Laptop for only $679.00. I think it is an excellent deal for a computer like this and you might not want to waste the opportunity to get this Laptop while you still can.

Acer Nitro 5 is integrated with the Intel Core I5-9300H processor along with the 8GB DDR4 RAM. Unlike the other laptops in this price tag, Acer has also incorporated a new-gen graphics card in this Laptop which is Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650; this GPU can run almost every game or program with the ultimate performance, so you don’t have to worry about lag or graphics. There is also 256GB of SSD to boost up your laptop operating system and make it run with super speeds. If most of your work is based on Editining, Creating, and Designing, you can check out some of the Best Laptops for Photoshop and Editing that can cover up almost all of a teacher’s needs.

The display of Acer Nitro 5 has Full HD IPS Backlit LED Display. It has the resolution of 1920×1080, which ensures that the users would enjoy their favourite games, movies, programs, and anything else with the great viewing experience. 

The body and the Design of the Laptop are also pretty cool and is made explicitly for the Gamers. Red backlit light has also been installed in the keyboard which offers the premium look in it.  Aside from that, it has curved edges and black colour which will surely look professional in its way.

Why should you buy this Laptop?

This laptop can be a great fit for your teaching essentials because of the:

  • Dedicated Graphics Unit which will offer you extraordinary graphics performance.
  • Integration of SSD so that the users won’t find difficulties loading their apps or programs.
  • Great Display along with HD resolution so that you can enjoy videos at their best.
  • Professional Color Combination of the laptop to provide a simple look to the laptop.

HP Pavilion x360 2 In 1 Laptop Convertible Laptop

The only concept to put more convertors or touch screen laptops in this list is because teachers would find it convenient to use them. 2 In 1 laptop are a great way to save up your time, and you can easily do what you want to do whether on your computer or the tablet. For that reason, I have put the HP Pavilion x360 14″ variant in this list because it will offer much more than a standard laptop. 

HP Pavilion x360 is integrated with great features and specifications which the teachers can use to run their essential applications for the online classes or any computer activity, and this Laptop would never disappoint at any cost. If you are looking for an All-in-one package, then you should consider this Laptop for you as it has everything you would need to run all the programs and tasks.

HP has done a great job as always to put just the right components in its device. HP Pavilion x360 has been integrated with the super-fast 10th generation Intel Core I5 processor. This Laptop also has the 8GB DDR4 RAM, which ensures that your multi-tasking would never be interrupted. Along with the, an  SSD has also been placed in the device, the big storage of 512GB would be enough for a teacher to store the projects, assignments, data and even more things in this storage. 

The graphics processing unit in this Laptop is the standard Intel GPU that provides optimal performance in the programs and tasks. So if you are not planning to play games on this device, you are ready to go with this device.

HP Pavilion x360 has got full HD 14″ Display that has the IPS panel along with the Micro-Edge and WLED Backlit features for the ultimate touch screen experience. The touch screen also offers a smooth experience to the users, and the users would never find roughness on the surface of the laptops because of its panel capabilities. It can be the best windows laptop for video editing and teaching purposes.

HP claims that this Laptop would easily offer more than 9 hours on the battery if used for mixed purposes, and it would offer about 6 hours for the video playback time. I think this much battery backup time is enough for a teacher and no teacher would find it less until or unless the Teacher is planning to teach for straight 20 hours.

Why should you buy this Laptop?

This laptop can be a great fit for your teaching essentials because of the:

  • 10TH Gen Processor with incredible core speeds which will help you complete your tasks within seconds.
  • Long battery backup time to support your needs for a considerable amount of time.
  • Professional Design and Look.
  • Great features to cover up teaching needs and provide all the necessary specifications for it.

HP Pavilion 10th Gen Laptop

HP Pavilion certainly is a very successful series by HP, and that is the reason you might see HP releasing different variant in the Pavilion series. The main cause behind the success of the Pavilion series is that HP is offering pretty much everything at its best level in a meagre and budget price tag. And undoubtedly, most of the people love to get their hands on a laptop with high specifications at just a small price. HP has again done it with their 15.6″ Laptop and has offered their users great value laptops for their use. If you are a teacher who wants a standard laptop that can cover up all your needs, then check the specifications below and you will surely realize that this Laptop can be great for you.

The specifications of this Laptop are pretty amazing, and the users will surely not find any kind of trouble when running any type of programs, whether they are optimal or heavy. This Laptop has the Intel Core I55-1035G1 Processor, and the best thing about it is that it has the latest generation integrated into it. The RAM integrated into this Laptop by HP is huge 12GB DDR4 RAM, and this kind of RAM will always be enough for any type of tasks. 

Your programs and functions will run smoothly without any lag, and even you will also be able to play some games with this kind of RAM with no problems at all. Integration of 512GB SSD has also made this Laptop a lot faster as compared to the other laptops in this price range, and this much storage would be enough for a student or a teacher and their kind of use.

If we talk about the display of this Laptop, it has the Full HD 1920X1080 Display integrated with IPS Touch Screen Panel. Touch Screen, along with IPS panel, will offer the Laptop the premium look you want it to provide. Other than that, this display is excellent for watching movies, playing games and many other things related to multimedia. You will be able to use your HP Pavilion 15.6″ for about 9 hours when fully charged on battery, and this battery backup time should be more than enough for a teacher’s need.

Why should you buy this Laptop?

This laptop can be a great fit for your teaching essentials because of the:

  • Full HD Display that will offer you ever-lasting display experience.
  • Superfast SSD integration in the laptop to boost up your computer.
  • Super-Fast Processor that can easily handle multiple programs without any type of lag or freeze.
  • IPS Panel along with Touch Screen that can speed up your monitoring speed and it can be more convenient than the simple keypad laptop.

Dell Inspiron 7000

Dell has a great laptops series names as the Inspiron series, and this series has got some Top-Notch laptops that anyone can buy in a budget. If you are looking for a great laptop that includes features like Touch Screen, Good Processor, Display, and such things, then Dell’s devices are high. Dell Inspiron 7000 is a device that has the touch screen display along with the keypad so that the users can turn it into the tablet mode or the PC mode anytime they want. You can Dell Inspiron 7000 from Amazon in $699 which makes it one of the best 2 in 1 laptops under 600 Dollars.

As for the specifications, it has got the Intel Core I5-8265U processor along with the 8GB DDR4 RAM. The great thing about this processor is that its core speed is about 3.9GHz, which surely boosts up your applications and the 8GB DDR4 RAM will help the teachers to run multiple applications or programs simultaneously. There is also a 256GB SSD integrated into this system along with 1TB HDD drive so that the users can get vast options of storage and they can store whatever they want with ease.

As I have stated earlier, the display of this laptop is a touch screen and has the HD Resolution of 1920×1080 to offer you excellent display experience. Along with that, the IPS panel will provide you with a unique touch experience on the screen, and you will not feel anything scratchy on the surface. The Laptop also has all the necessary features like HD Webcam, WI-FI, Bluetooth, Card Reader, and Extra Ports to help out the users whenever they want.

Why should you buy this Laptop?

This laptop can be a great fit for your teaching essentials because of the:

  • Great Touch Screen Display which is easier to use and handle.
  • Excellent battery backup time along with the superb charging time, which is pretty convenient for the teachers.
  • SSD Integration to give a considerable boost to your laptop.
  • DDR4 RAMs to make your multi-tasking faster than ever before without any problem.

MSI Modern 14 Laptop

If you are not a fan of MSI devices, then probably you haven’t used them. MSI is a trendy brand among the Gamers as well as the Standard users as well. They have earned themselves a big name because of their World-Class reliability in manufacturing PC components and Laptops. 

The one we are going to talk about now is the MSI Modern 14 that has got everything you need to offer your students the best teaching experience. MSI Modern 14 has got looks, body, Design, specs, features, and everything a good Laptop should have. So let’s have a conclusive look at the specifications and the features of this Laptop.

MSI Modern 14 has a fast 10TH Generation Intel Core I5 Processor. This processor can handle all the programs and tasks you would need to fulfil your teaching needs. Along with that, 8GB DDR4 RAM has also been integrated into this Laptop to make your Laptop’s memory super fast and reliable. The best thing is that this Laptop has got a massive SSD in it, which is of 512GB. This much SSD can easily cover up your programs, tasks, images, movies, assignments or anything necessary for teaching.

If we take a look at the display of this Laptop, it has got the 14″ screen which is HD 1920×1080 and that is why it can be great choice if you are looking for a best 14 inch laptop. The screen has the best IPS panel, which is pretty good for the laptops. Along with that, the thing body and display doubles up the viewing experience of the users. Yes, you’ve heard it right, this Laptop is undoubtedly thin and lighter than most of the laptops in this price tag. The colour combination of the Laptop is also very high as MSI has merged the Red, Blue, and Black colour in its device.

Why should you buy this Laptop?

This laptop can be a great fit for your teaching essentials because of the:

  • Amazing and Clear Display with the Edge-View that offers outstanding viewing experience.
  • Light Weight Structure that will make the laptop very easy to carry anywhere around.
  • Fast Processor to handle all of your tasks and programs and provide a great experience while running them
  • Integration of SSD to decrease the bootup and shut-down time along with the loading speeds of applications.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Well, that is pretty easy, but you would need a good internet connection (At least 10Mbps) and a Video Calling or Group Calling application like Zoom or Skype. These applications will let you create a custom room for your students, and you can have your own virtual classroom through your Laptop.

720P Webcam should be enough to produce quality output. And most of the standard internet connections can only handle 720P video output. But if you have a pretty good internet connection and you don’t want to compromise on quality even the slightest, then you should go for the 1080P Webcam.

If your Laptop is powerful enough (The ones I mentioned are!), you can easily create an assignment, assessment, project, presentation, projects through famous applications like Adobe, Microsoft Office, Filmora, and other applications. You will not find any difficulty to do so.

Desktops computers are certainly a little faster than the laptops. But the desktop computer will not be able to offer you HD Webcam, Bluetooth, WI-FI, essential ports, and you will have to buy them all separately for your desktop PC. So if you are a teacher, a laptop is more convenient for you than a desktop PC can ever be, so it is best to go for a computer for teaching purposes.

Yes! The laptops I have mentioned above can easily be connected to most of the Printers and projectors through wired or wireless connections. Now it depends on you, what type of connection in more convenient for you.

Not! If you are short on money and you can’t possibly buy any of the devices I mentioned, then you should better wait and get that amount to get any of these laptops. Or if still can’t wait, it is always better to buy a used Windows Laptop rather than purchasing a Chromebook as Chromebooks can’t offer you the features a teacher needs.


I have indeed offered you a good list of laptops that can quickly fulfil your teaching needs, but please try to buy the Laptop with accordance to your use. Some laptops have greater RAM, some have more excellent Storage, Some have Faster Processor, and some have more significant storage. So it is always better to check out that what you are really going to with your Laptop and then select the one that suits you best. 

Other than that, laptops can undoubtedly offer you the peace of mind, and the laptops can easily change your perspective of teaching. You would feel the real difference when using a computer for schooling and when not. So consider buying a laptop for your teaching needs and teach your students in a whole different way!

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