Difference between Chromebook and Laptop

difference between Chromebook and Laptop

Difference between Chromebook and Laptop

If you are planning to buy a Laptop or a Chromebook, then you should first consider which one will be best for you. There might be many reasons for you to go for a particular device, but what if you are tight on budget and you just want specific things? These things might let you choose between them because Chromebook is for light purposes, but Laptops can provide you heavy tasking and programming. But if you are just buying the device for your home use, then why not go for a Chromebook that would offer you all the entertainment purposes you would consider for your home use. Lets first see what both the device offers!

The laptop is a device that runs the Windows Operating System developed by Microsoft. Windows OS is the most popular operating system which is being used worldwide. You can manage all of your tasks efficiently in a Laptop because 98% of the programs always release for Windows OS. But your laptop should also have excellent system specifications to handle all the applications smoothly.

Now coming towards the Chromebook, it is pretty new to the world if we compare it to the Laptops as it was first introduced back in 2011. Chromebook runs explicitly the Chrome OS developed by the well-known Google. You can run a minimal number of Programs on Chromebook that is why Chromebook is being used for limited purposes or light tasking like browsing, watching movies, editing, listening to music, or drawing. But there are some benefits of Chromebook if you want to use it for limited tasks that would let you choose this over a Laptop, and we will discuss it why!


Which one is the most reliable and durable?

Talking about reliability and durability, both have got some severe disadvantages and advantages.

Windows Laptop is being developed by hundreds of manufacturers out there, and that is why there are millions of models of Laptops available that you can choose from. There are Laptops which offers excellent performance, battery life, screen size, and durability, but can you afford those Laptops? Usually, Laptops with high specifications cost more than $1000. If we come down on our price, we see a lack of reliability and durability and as well as performance, which is a loophole we can say. But you can always upgrade components of a laptop as per your convenience.

Whereas, Chromebooks are way cheaper than the Laptops and cost between $200 – $400 (Not all). Anyone can easily afford Chromebook, but the tasking of Chromebook is no way near the tasking of a Laptop. But in this price range, you can complete your daily life’s tasks, and you can get a big screen that weighs less than a laptop if you want to do something more other than surfing the internet than you might not consider going with a Chromebook. Chromebooks are pretty much stuck in their specifications, and you cannot even upgrade a component of it, which doesn’t make it future proof.

So that is why Laptops are more reliable because of their capabilities, but only when you have bought the one which has good specs, which you can’t possibly find in the price range of a Chromebook.


Which one is good for Future tasks?

In this region, the laptop is simply the winner. You just cannot upgrade the components of a Chromebook, and that is why Chromebook cannot be future proof, and you obviously won’t be able to run the planned programs that are going to release.

On the other hand, one can easily replace the current components of your laptop and make it future proof so that you can efficiently run future programs without buying another device!

Pros and Cons of Laptops and Chromebooks:

Let’s have a deep sight at the pros and cons of both of the devices so that you can have an average idea of both the devices!

Pros and Cons of a Laptop

  • Different OS SupportEvery Program can be run on a windows laptop
  • Upgradeable Components
  • Customization Possible as per user’s interest
  • A vast number of Models available to choose from
  • Can perform Multitasking
  • Suitable for High-End Gaming
  • Usually small screen size
  • Battery drains faster
  • So much pricey
  • Heavy Design
  • Non-Reliable components
  • Temperature issues

Pros and Cons of a Chromebook

  • Easily understandable Operating System
  • Limited programs which prevent lagging
  • Big screen size
  • Light in weight
  • Very lesser in price than Laptops
  • Bright colors and screen
  • Good Battery life because of Light tasking
  • Fast browsing experience
  • Cannot provide Multitasking
  • Very few programs supported
  • You cannot play the latest games
  • You cannot run the newest software
  • Non-Upgradable Components
  • Only ChromeOS supported

Which one is the cheapest device?

You must have read above that you can find Chromebook at a far lesser price than the laptop. So yes, that is right, but what if you want to go with a High-End Chromebook? Well, that would cost you more than a full High-End Gaming Laptop, which means more than $2000. But still, you will be limited to very few programs to use on your beloved Chromebook. Your Chromebook might get faster than the previous ones, but you won’t be able to play the latest games or run the latest applications on it as a Laptop user can.

If you go with a Laptop which costs more than $1000, you will be able to run almost every single windows program that has been released till now. But that only depends on your budget and what you are going to do on it. If you just want to play light games or to design, a $500 laptop would do your job quickly. So why go for a $1000 laptop when you are completing your tasks in far lesser one.

But still! Chromebook is the cheapest one if we compare both as you can quickly get your hands on a Chromebook in $200 if you just want to do the light tasking and nothing else. It is pretty much impossible to find any new laptop at $200.

Which latest model of both you can get under $500?

Well, that is pretty much a valid question if you are planning to buy any of the devices after seeing the pros and cons. So let me tell you that both of the tools you will get under $500 will mostly do the light tasking, and you will not be able to run massive programs.

If you want to buy a good Laptop in a price range of $500, then these three models would complete your needs in this price range:

  • Acer Aspire 5 with AMD Ryzen 3 3200U, 4 GB DDR4 RAM, Vega 3 GPU, 128 GB SSD, and 15.6 Inches screen in only $350.
  • Dell Inspiron 2020 with Core I5 10TH Gen, 8GB DDR4 RAM, Intel Integrated GPU, 128 GB SSD, and 14 Inches screen in only $499.
  • 2019 Lenovo Ideapad with AMD Ryzen A9 7TH Gen, 4GB DDR4 RAM, Ryzen R5 GPU, 128 GB SSD, and 15.6 inches screen in only $400.

Now if you want to buy a Chromebook which costs less than $500, then these 3 are the best options for you to go with:

  • Lenovo Chromebook C330 (2 in 1) with MT8173C Processor, 4GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC, and 11.6 Inch screen in only $400.
  • HP FHD Chromebook with Intel Celeron N3350 Processor, 4GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC, and 14 inches screen in only $350.
  • Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 with Intel Core m3-7Y30 141 Processor, 4GB RAM, 64 GB eMMC, and 12.2 Inches screen in only $499.

Now that you have seen the prices and specifications, you can choose the one that suits you, and you can quickly get your hands on any of these.



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