Difference Between Laptop and MacBook

What is the difference between Laptop and MacBook?
What is the difference between Laptop and MacBook?


It’s 2020, and you know what? There are still full rage controversies going on about the rivalry of a Windows Laptop and a macOS MacBook. We all are completely aware of the fact that Apple and Microsoft are the two big GIANTS of the IT world, and none of any other IT manufacturers comes close to them. When two best things compete in one area of expertise, it is evident that their fans will bring the controversies and comparisons, as this typically happens between Messi and Ronaldo every other day in Football. So all the things aside, what is the real difference between these two beasts? The difference that would make you choose one other than the other one? The difference is pretty simple, some users work consistently, manage a business, complete sheets, and all the business stuff, then comes the people who watch movies, play games, download stuff, and everything. This difference between the people makes them choose between the MacBook and a Windows Laptop. Let’s examine both of the machines thoroughly:

Can you easily upgrade components of both of the systems?

Can you easily upgrade components of both of the systems?
Can you easily upgrade components of both of the systems?

Upgrading the components is one of the most important things to the people as every other day, new hardware components release with new features and abilities. The more modern applications require the latest hardware so that the equipment could easily handle out the pressure of the programs, that is why it is pretty essential to have the latest components integrated into your device. But can you easily upgrade the parts of Windows Laptop and a MacBook? Let’s check the answer:

If we talk about Windows Laptops, you can indeed replace the previous components with the newer ones, but it can be challenging to do so. The first thing that arrives is that you can’t possibly open the back case of a Laptop by yourself until or unless you have some pretty exclusive tools to do so. Let’s say, you even successfully opened the back case, now you will only be able to replace the RAMs or the Hard Drive by yourself because for the other components, professionalism is required. The second thing is that it is tough to find different elements other than RAM and Hard drive to replace, like GPU, Processor, and motherboard. All the laptops have specially made components specifically for them, and hardware failure can also be caused while replacing them. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t replace the parts of a windows Laptop, you indeed can, but it’s difficult as a whole!


Coming to the MacBooks, it is straightforward that you can’t just upgrade any o the component other than the RAMs and the Hard Drive. Even if you are a professional, you can’t replace the processor, GPU, or anything as the device will be dead if you try to. Because of that particular reason, people prefer to choose a Windows Laptop over MacBooks. Still, they don’t know the headaches they will have to face while replacing any component of a windows Laptop. But still, it is a significant drawback of MacBook,

which you can’t do anything about it. So whenever you feel the need to make your MacBook faster, just upgrade the RAM or replace your HDD with SSD.

Latest Models and Features of Windows Laptops and MacBooks:

Latest Models and Features of Windows Laptops and MacBooks
Latest Models and Features of Windows Laptops and MacBooks

Both of the devices get newer models and features frequently. But not as often as Windows Laptops, because Windows Laptops are manufactured by many companies out there like Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Acer. As Apple is the sole manufacturer of MacBooks, the production rate is pretty low, but whenever the newer model comes out, it has something amazing to offer to the fans.
The most recent MacBook by Apple is the MacBook Pro 15 Inches, which was released back in 2019. It has the latest ever processor made, which is core i9, that also with the newest generation (9th). With the integration of 24 GB DDR4 RAM, it can handle every single program ever made in the history of humankind (Not the Games, sorry). The fantastic features of the MacBooks are what make its price worth every penny. You can find the Design, Look, Sound, Screen, Touch Bar, Reliability, Security, and what not in a single MacBook.
Taking the specifications into consideration of a windows laptop, you can also find all the latest Processors, RAMs, Graphics Cards, and the Storage in different variants (You can even upgrade them later). As for the features, a windows Laptop still got pretty amazing features that the users may find interesting and useful. Few variants also come up with the touch screen, which would make the use more accessible than ever before, but it also makes the Laptop more sensitive. Laptops are now also coming up with the RGB and smart design mostly manufactured by Asus, which pleases the Gamers.
So Laptops and MacBooks, both of the devices have got pretty amazing features from their perspectives.

Pros and Cons of a Windows Laptop:

let’s discuss the pros and cons of windows Laptop so that you can quickly get the overview of a windows laptop, and you can easily choose the best one for your personality.

  • Cheaper Price, great value!
  • Easy to handle Operating System
  • Upgradable Hardware for later purposes
  • Comes with complete accessories (You will not have to buy anything in particular)
  • You can play all the latest Games
  • Optimization possible as per user’s interest
  • Many available models to choose from
  • Massive Software Availability
  • Lose security system which causes the viruses to get in
  • Hardware failure
  • Battery Consumption is too fast
  • Temperature issues and needs Cooling pads most of the time

Pros and Cons of a MacBook:

Let’s take a sight at the pros and cons of a MacBook!

  • The super-fast processing system
  • Sleek and Slim Design
  • Touch bar to access shortcut keys
  • Brighter and Better Screen colors
  • Long-Lasting Battery Life
  • High Definition Loud Speakers
  • Strong OS Security System
  • macOS optimized applications
  • Non-Upgradable Components except RAM and Hard drive
  • External components are to be bought for complete use
  • No support of different versions of macOS
  • Most of the Games cannot be played on MacBook
  • Super expensive (You might go Bankrupt)
  • Less OS supported Applications

Finally, which one should you go with? Laptop or MacBook?

which one should you go with? Laptop or MacBook?
which one should you go with? Laptop or MacBook?

The answer to this particular question is more straightforward than you might think. Generally saying, if you are buying the device for your Work or Business where you will only use specific applications and you want your files safe and secured, then you should go for a MacBook. MacBook will provide you all the essential needs that you would wish to while working in an office or business. But there is a thing, MacBooks are pretty expensive so you will have to make a wise decision first.

And if you are looking to buy a device for your home use like playing games, watching Netflix or movies, chatting with your friends, surfing online, or downloading stuff, then you must go with the Windows Laptops. Windows laptops would provide you everything you would need to play High-End Games, watching movies, and doing stuff without any type of restrictions and limits.


So the decision goes upon you. Check out the things you are going to do on the device and then decide which one to buy.


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