Netflix has provided its users with a great option to download the Episodes and Movies offline and watch them wherever a user would want. You can download all of the episodes of a TV Series or download many Movies and can watch it another time when you are free, or you are having some internet issues, so it is best to download them and save them for later. You can easily download the Episodes of a TV Series or download whole Movies in your SmartPhone, and it is pretty straightforward to do so. But now, the question is, how can you do the same in your Laptop or Desktop PC so that you can peacefully watch whatever you want offline? Well, it is not that hard to do so, and I am going to tell you how that would happen.

How to download Netflix Shows on Laptop
How to download Netflix Shows on Laptop

How to Download Netflix Shows on a Windows Laptop?

Yeas, you have read it right, first of all, you must have a Windows Laptop, no other operating system other than the Windows OS. But there is another thing to be noticed, by stating windows, I mean Windows 10 because this feature won’t work in any of the previous Windows that Microsoft has released. It will only work in Windows 10. So let’s check it out how you can download the Netflix Shows on a windows laptop:

  • Click on the search bar of the windows
  • Search for “Microsoft Store
  • Click on its App and the Application will be opened in front of you
  • Now you will have to create a Microsoft Account to download the Apps from the store
  • If you already got yourself an account, just Log In
  • If you don’t, create one, verify your Email, and then Log In
  • Now Search “Netflix” in the search bar of Microsoft Store
  • Download the Netflix Official App
  • Log in to your Netflix account with the one which has Membership Plan
  • Now you can download the TV Shows and Movies the same as the Smartphone
  • You will be able to watch it offline anytime

So this is how simple it is to download the Netflix Shows in your Laptop, and this procedure takes less than five minutes. But,

How to Download Netflix Shows on a macOS Laptop or MacBook?

The answer to this question is simply a big “No.” You cannot download the Netflix Shows or Movies in your MacBook because Netflix hasn’t officially provided its official App to Apple Store of a Macbook. So This is a reason most of the users are annoyed as the rival device has this feature, but the mighty MacBook doesn’t. Many discussions and talks are going on about this issue, and it can be said that Netflix will soon allow Microsoft to integrate their application in their devices. It would be convenient for both of the companies as Netflix is being watched all over the world. Everyone would want it to bring their amazing Shows with them so that they can watch it anywhere in the world without the Internet connection. Still, there is currently no official statement by Netflix or Apple that they will bring Netflix App or not, till then users will have to access through the browsers of the MacBook and watch the TV Shows or Movies online.