Gaming Laptop Buying Guide

If you are planning to go for a Gaming device that can serve you with a divine purpose that can efficiently fulfill your needs, then you might consider buying a Gaming Laptop. It is a pretty standard concept that has taken over the mind of the Gamers that a Gaming Laptop cannot serve you the exact and same purpose a Gaming PC would provide. The thing is, technology has been developed a lot, and so do the Gaming Laptops. That is why problems like a battery issue, heating issue, components failure, or any other issues have been completely solved, and there are very few scenarios that show the lack of performances in Gaming Laptops specifically in 2020. But you might get into problems if you don’t choose the right gaming laptop for you; that is why you should always do your homework and get an overall idea of the computer you would like to buy. But you don’t have to worry as in this laptop buying guide; I will provide you the details of every single aspect of the laptop, which offers its essential role in playing your favorite games.

But you have to remember one thing: Gaming Laptops are not cheap or affordable in 2020. You might have to spend a few extra bucks or increase your budget to get your hands on a suitable device. Aside from that, you can also get a useful tool in pretty much lesser price than the others if you do a lot of research and find out the specifications of it as you want by simply following this gaming laptop buying guide.

What should you look for and avoid when buying a Gaming Laptop in 2020?

Well, it is indeed the case you should be aware of before buying a Gaming Laptop in 2020. If we go back in time for about five years, there indeed were Gaming Laptops offering the equivalent specifications a Gaming PC would provide. Still, the most significant consequence of the Gaming Laptop at that time was the reliability. The reliability of the Laptops was not on the mark, the battery life was too short for a Gaming Laptops as the Games consume much energy when playing at high settings, the screen would not provide the clear and decent enough resolution, or the hardware fails usually. But now, coming forward and taking a look at Gaming Laptops in 2020, all measly problems have been solved. And also the Gaming Laptops have got so much better than before.

Many aspects have to take into consideration before buying a Gaming Laptops, and without considering those aspects, you might face problems later with your device. So it is always best to check out all of the specifications of a laptop before buying it. When purchasing a Gaming Laptop in 2020, the essential components mainly consist of:

  • Processor
  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)
  • RAM
  • Storage (HDD/SSD)
  • Display (Touch/IPS/FHD)
  • Battery

And some others like cooling system, touchpad, keypad, or audio device that can vary in different variants of laptops.

But there also are some things that you should avoid when buying the best gaming laptop because those things can make your gaming experience worst than ever before. You can check out for these things in your computer and make sure that your computer would not drastically lack in these aspects:

  • Battery Life: It is one of the most important things for a Gamer or a Traveller because a good battery backup is needed to provide a sufficient amount of time to use the laptop accordingly.
  • Screen Size and Specifications: Do not ever go for a laptop with a low refresh rate; if you have some extra bucks in your pocket, then it is always best to get the one with a higher refresh rate and higher resolution. This will ensure the sharp and bright color experience for the users.

Some Important tips before buying a Gaming Laptop

There are always some things that you should keep in mind before you buy anything, so that is why you will also have to keep some things in your head and consider some tips before you get your hands on a gaming laptop in 2020.

The tips and things that you should keep in mind when buying a laptop are:

  1. Laptop’s Brand
  2. Specifications
  3. Durability and Reliability
  4. Future Proof
  5. Upgrade Options availability

These things play the most crucial role in any Gaming Laptop, so that is why they should be your top priority. There are hundreds of Laptops Brands available which are offering Gaming Laptops to their customers, but most of them are not reliable and accurate with their service; that is why it is essential to choose the right brand for your laptop. Other things left are mostly the specifications of a Laptop, and do you know what the right components and specifications for your computer are? Anyway, don’t worry, as I am about to give you a detailed overview of every critical part of a Gaming Laptop in this new laptop buying guide!

How to choose the right components for your gaming laptop?

Now it’s time to discuss the main components of your Gaming Laptop, which you are going to choose. The thing is, all of the elements of a Gaming Laptop play an essential role in running any game at its best capability. So let’s check out which are those components and how should you pick them when buying a gaming laptop:




As we all know, since our elementary school that the CPU or Processor is the brain of a computer. For that particular reason, it needs to be reliable and efficient enough to handle all the latest games so that you can enjoy your games in your Gaming Laptop.

Two rivals are producing World-Class processors that don’t matter if they are for gaming or processing. Those two bigs are Intel and AMD. Intel has always made sure to bring its user the best of their technology, and not only that, they integrate their processors with the latest tech and features. On the other hand, AMD tends to provide its users the processors in very much lesser rates than the Intel but without compromising on quality and performance. This thing is the main reason AMD is now also considered as a rival to Intel despite having the disadvantage of being In the market for lesser time.

Now coming towards the main point, which type of processor you should choose for your gaming laptop? You will mostly see the Intel Processors in the Gaming Laptops because there is absolutely no doubt that Intel produces one of the most exceptional technology for the laptops. So for gaming, it would always be better to choose the processor of Core I series, whether it is Core I3, Core I5, Core I7, or Core I9. I would also recommend you to go for the Intel processors if you are going for a Gaming Laptop, you can indeed choose AMD processors for your Gaming PCs, but Intel would do a decent job for your laptop. Some things that you should consider when choosing the processor for your Gaming Laptop are:

  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Generation of the Processor[/su_highlight] : Newest Gen processors tend to perform relatively better than the previous gens, and they are more optimized for future gaming.
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Number of Cores[/su_highlight] : The higher, the better!
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Number of Threads[/su_highlight] : The higher, the better!
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Core/Clock Speed[/su_highlight] : It is pretty evident that if your processor has a higher clock speed. Then it will absolutely offer excellent performance in games and programs.

Now it’s up to your budget whether you choose an earlier generation processor or latest generation processor as per the accordance of its specifications.




Now taking one of the most critical components into consideration, you will have to be careful while choosing the best unit for you. There are thousands of GPU models available in the market, but you will have to choose the right one for you that will fulfill your gaming needs in the right way. Graphics Processing Unit of any laptop or computer provides you the better and vast experience of images and videos you see in the game. That is why choosing the GPU with certain features and specifications would be the priority for any Laptop buyer.

If you are a Gamer or have some specialized knowledge about gaming, then you would know that Nvidia takes the lead in manufacturing the GPUs for any type of device. On the other hand, AMD also offers its customers the Graphics Processing Units. Still, again, the reliability, durability, and performance of their units in a laptop are not up to mark. For that reason, Nvidia is the best choice for any Gaming Laptop buyer as they also provide their user with a wide variety of Graphics Card to choose from.

If you are considering to go for a top-notch GPU for your laptop, then these three are the best options for your computer. You can choose specific models of GPUs from these three series:

  1. [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Nvidia RTX Series[/su_highlight]
  2. [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Nvidia GTX Series[/su_highlight]
  3. [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]AMD RX Series[/su_highlight]

 In contrast, RTX is the latest series that comes with the latest features and technology that can doubles up your experience of gaming. The features like Ray Tracing, RTX, or VXAA are more accurate and efficient in the RTX series of Nvidia, so if you have some extra money in your hands, consider going for a laptop that is integrated with an RTX series GPU.

But it doesn’t mean that the GTX series would not offer you a good Gaming experience, the differences between these two series are just some features and tech, and otherwise, it would not be a bad deal if you go for a GTX series Graphics Card.

If we talk about the specific models of the Graphics Card for your Gaming Laptop, I would personally recommend you to choose the laptop having any of these Graphics Cards:

  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050TI (For Low to Medium Gaming experience)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060 6GB (For Medium to High Gaming experience)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 8GB (For Optimal Gaming Experience)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Nvidia Geforce RTX 1060/1070/1080 (For High-End Gaming experience)[/su_highlight]

 Aside from that, you can always go for the later variants depending on your budget and level of gaming.



RAM helps your Gaming Laptop to process the tasks and applications. The best use of RAM comes in when a user does the multi-tasking on the device; if your laptop has more RAM, it would easily handle multiple programs at a time without lagging or freezing your device in any way.

Most commonly, the Laptops are integrated with the DDR3 RAMs, and of course, it is an outdated technology. So if you want your laptop to optimized fully for hard-core gaming, then you would want to go for the DDR4 RAMs because of its speed, functionality, and features. But aside that, you should also check out some things and specifications of RAM before considering it for your laptop:

  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Frequency (Between 2133 – 4266)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Power Consumption (The lower, the better)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Memory Size (8/16/32)[/su_highlight]

So here is one thing more, most of the users can think they can upgrade their RAM whenever they want, well that scenario is indeed possible but is only possible if the RAM is of the same nature and cache. You cannot place the DDR4 RAM in a DDR3 RAM laptop because of the motherboard capabilities. Most of the motherboards support one type of RAM, and that is why if you want to upgrade, you will have to update the RAM in the same pattern. So it is wise to first think about it, and then choose the RAM and its type for your laptop.

Storage Drive

Samsung SSD 860 QVO 2TBNow storage of a Laptop comes in two types. The most common is the HDD, and the most reliable is the SSD. Gamers have a pretty hard time to choose between them as one is cheaper and accessible, whereas the other one is expensive but more powerful. SSD tends to increase the speed of your computer as a whole dramatically as SSD processes all the programs at an ultra-high rate. On the other hand, HDD handles the tasks at the average speed, as you might have seen in most of the computers and laptops.

Now, if you have to choose between the HDD and SSD, I would suggest you go for the SSD because of its fantastic speed and nature. SSDs can offer you features like:

  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Reliable for rendering and optimization aside from gaming[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Ultra-Fast Read and Write Speed (Up to 5000 MB/s)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Available in different interfaces[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Compact Size[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Reliable for rendering and optimization aside from gaming[/su_highlight]

There are some top-notch and Best SSDs to Buy For Your Laptop that can bring fascinating rates to your laptop. Most people use the NVMe and SATA 3 SSDs in their Laptops because these types of SSDs provide optimal performance to the users.


Display 1

The bigger, the better? Yes, we all have seen that, and most of us also consider it valid, and it is. When we talk about gaming, the screen size matters as it is the primary source from which a Gamer is experiencing or enjoying it. Some aspects need to be cared about when selecting the screen for your Gaming laptop as they play an essential role in providing you better, sharper, and brighter pictures as you want. The first one is the screen size and resolution of the screen. Most of the Gaming Laptops have a screen size of 15 inches or more significant than it as the gaming is thoroughly enjoyed on a big screen. Now about the resolution, the higher it is, the better the results and sharpness of the videos and images. The best and HD resolution a standard Gaming Laptop would have is 1920×1080, and if you are seriously getting the screen with this resolution, it might be best for you. You must also check out other features of a Laptop’s display so that it can offer what you want:

  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Aspect Ratio (16:9/3:2/Others)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Aspect Ratio (16:9/3:2/Others)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Screen Type/Touch/IPS[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Refresh Rate (The higher, the better for gaming)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Viewing Angles (For best Movies/Videos experience)[/su_highlight]

You can also spend a little extra cash to get your hands on a screen that has Nvidia G-Sync, or AMD Free-Sync enabled and integrated as both of these features tends to work best with their respective Graphics Cards.



For a Gaming Laptop, Battery servers the Gamers what they want. A good battery backup and life are indeed essential for any gaming laptop as most of the games are hardware intensive, and they consume more battery. Most Gamers like to play the games on their Gaming Laptop while it is plugged in, and that indeed is an excellent way to save battery and provide a laptop with full power so that it can provide its full capabilities. But what if you have to travel along with your computer or suddenly there is a power outage? At that time, the battery will serve its purpose, and for that reason, you will have to choose the right battery for your laptop that can provide intensive backup as well as smooth charging. If your battery has:

  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Decent amount of Capacity (5000+ mAh)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]The higher number of cells in it (Most batteries consist of 6 cells)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Adequate Voltage (Around 11)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Fast charging support[/su_highlight]

Then that battery would be suitable for your Gaming laptop.

Keyboard and TouchPad


A mechanical keyboard is a thing all gamers want for their gaming laptop. If you’re going to have a smooth playing experience that would not hurt your fingers if you are playing for a long time, then Mechanical Keyboard is the only thing to help you out there. Mechanical Keyboard provides its users the soft and smooth essential pressing experience along with the recording of membrane and rubber dome that offers the record of the keystrokes. Not only that, but the backlighting also tends to increase the beauty of your laptop while you play your favorite games. If you are going for a Mechanical keyboard for your laptop, then make sure that it has:

  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Switch Choice[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Backlit Modes (For Shortcuts and Commands)[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]N-Key Rollover[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]Keycap Design[/su_highlight]
  • [su_highlight background=”#00bf08″ color=”#FFFF”]RGB Adjustability[/su_highlight]

Now, if we talk about the touchpads, they are pretty much the same in the gaming laptops, but still, the smoothness and sensitivity matters everywhere. Most gamers use the external mouse for gaming, but you can always get in some type of trouble, and at that time, the touchpad will surely do the work for you. 

Cooling Solutions


Most of the laptops are integrated with the low-quality cooling systems, which pretty much don’t work so well for the gamers. Either you choose a computer with an excellent quality cooling system that is hard to find or sometime later, they also start to betray you. Gaming is always intensive, and that is why the temperature goes high, and it cannot be controlled by the stock cooling system of a laptop.

So I would always recommend you to go for a cooling pad for your laptop, which provides fantastic airflow for it, and it can dramatically drop the temperature of your computer.

Sound System


The quality of sound only depends on the hardware that is being used, and, commonly, the speakers cannot deliver the gaming sound a gamer would want. For that particular reason, most of the Gamers prefer to get a Gaming Headset for a laptop instead of relying on the stock audio. But if you want to choose the best audio for your computer, get the laptop with the latest audio channel so that it can deliver you the exact sound as you wish.

Which brand is the best for Gaming Laptops?

Which brand is the best for Gaming Laptops?

Image Source:

Well, we all know that there are hundreds of brands that are manufacturing Gaming Laptops for the users, but can you trust their devices at all? I would say no! All brands are not reliable and capable of doing what an experienced brand could provide.
Now, if we take a look at Gaming Laptops, some Top-Notch companies get into the competition because they indeed have been providing excellence to the users and customers. Those Top-Notch companies are:

  1. MSI
  2. Asus
  3. Razer
  4. Dell
  5. HP
  6. Gigabyte

You will find these brands manufacturing all types of Gaming Laptops integrated with hundreds of features and optimum specifications for the Gamers. The best thing is that these brands provide their gaming laptops in almost every budget. If you are a mid-range Gamer, you can find a computer worth buying, and that will suffice your gaming needs. These brands will offer you complete:

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Customer Support
  • Extensive Warranty for their products
  • Best Prices around the internet
  • Free software bundles along with their devices

For the regular laptops, we see Dell, HP, Lenovo, and some others in the competition, and they indeed are reliable as per their service. That is why most of the people select from these brands when buying a laptop because they are trusted, safe, and affordable. If you are considering getting an entry-level laptop that you can use for travel, home, college, or office at very reasonable prices, then I can help you to get one for you. I have already published an ultimate Beginners Laptop Buying Guide that can help you get an entry or high-level laptop that would be good for light gaming, optimal tasking, browsing, and programming.

In the end, it’s totally up to you to choose the Brand for your Gaming Laptop. But I would recommend you choose any one brand from what I have mentioned because they will provide reliability, durability, great features, amazing specifications, excellent customer support, and reasonable prices of their devices.

[su_box title=”THE FINAL ADVICE ” style=”soft” box_color=”#00bf08″]As we have now concluded, I would only suggest you go through the details of your favorite laptops from their official website. By doing so, you will get an overview of everything, including the specifications, features, and prices, and it will help you to conclude. Other than that, I have mentioned every possible thing that can help you buy a Gaming Laptop in this gaming laptop buying guide. Another thing that is worth clearing here is that there are hundreds and thousands of local sellers in every country selling hundreds of Gaming laptops relatively at lesser prices than the others. Still, you can’t say if the Gaming Laptop they are selling is repaired or malfunctioned even though a trusted and reliable brand manufactures it. So if you are planning to go for a used laptop, I would suggest you not to go for one. But if you are short on budget by all means and want to get a Gaming Laptop, then check it by all means before buying. Otherwise, buying the new one is the best and the most hustle-free option for anyone around the globe. In the end, do your homework before buying anything, whether it is used or new, and check if it is suitable for you or not. If you get into any type of trouble, you can always reach me out in the comment section, and I will be more than happy to assist you in solving any of your problems. Happy Gaming! [/su_box]





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