How to play PS4 on your Laptop Screen

How to play PS4 on your Laptop Screen or its Operating System

Playing PS4 games on a Laptop Screen or its Operating system might be tricky, and it has some rules to be followed to play your PS4 games on the laptop smoothly. Because, your TV or Screen on which you play PS4 might be busy or engaged because someone else in the family is using it, so is not it better to don’t waste any further time and connect your PS4 to your laptop to play your favorite games? Well, yes, that is indeed possible, and there are some ways you can connect your PS4 to your computer, and you can choose the method which seems suitable to you. But do remember that you will need some extra equipment to connect your PS4 to your laptop, so you might have to get ready to spend some cash out of your pocket. Well, let’s have a look at the methods we have found:

How to play PS4 on your Laptop Screen or its Operating System

How to play PS4 on your Laptop Screen or its Operating System

Easy Ways to connect PS4 to your Windows/macOS Laptop:

So many people might think that there are different ways to connect the PS4 to the laptop having macOS and the laptop having Windows OS, so let’s just be clear that there is no such type of thing! The methods listed below will work for both the Operating Systems and will work perfectly fine in both the cases. So let’s get going without wasting a single second:

By using Sony’s Remote Play:

Connect Ps4 with sony remote play

Connect Ps4 with sony remote play

Sony has given its users a fantastic feature which is known as “Remote Play,” and it provides full access to the PlayStation 4 to its users, and the users can manage it as they want. The particular application will allow you to play or stream your favorite PS4 games on Laptops, whether it is a macOS or Windows Laptop (Sorry Chromebooks Owners). One of the best things about this way is that it does not require so many accessories that would be expensive to buy, but it requires some necessary components, so let’s have a look at the things you would need for this method to implement.

  • A Laptop (Of Course)
  • A PS4 (Of Course)
  • A USB cable
  • An account of PlayStation Network

Yes, these are the only things you would need to implement this method, so now let’s get to the point and check it out how it works. Just follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the Sony Remote Play site and download it for your operating system. As soon as the downloaded is completed, install it in your PC because this App will be the only source to play your PS4 games on your laptop.

2. Oh, there is one thing, you would need your TV screen back for a minute, so whoever is using it, just snatch the screen and go to your PlayStation settings.

3. Enable the Primary Console option for your console. You will only need to do that in case you have more than one PS4 in your household. So just go into the setting of your PlayStation 4, under the PlayStation 4 Network Settings, enable the Primary Console Option.

4. You keep your console updated, right? If not, then update it already.

5. Now again, go to the setting of your PlayStation 4, then go to Remote Play Connection Settings, and then enable the Remote Play option and also enable the Turn on PS4 from Network option.

6. The last thing for the PlayStation 4 settings is to check that the Rest mode is enabled or not, it is by default enabled, but it is always best to check out for the things. Now you are done with the PS4 settings and now just turn on your laptop.

7. Open the Remote Play Application, move your cursor to the left corner and click on settings.

8. Now connect your controller, whether it is wireless or just plug your USB Wire through it.

9. Pair your controller to the Remote Play App by holding down the pushing button for 3-4 seconds, and it will be paired.

10. As soon as the controller is paired, you will see the Start button right on the Remote Play App, Click on Start

11. You will be redirected to your PS4 and will be asked to Log in to your PS4 Network.

12. Log in, and your PS4 Home screen will appear on your laptop.

13. Now Enjoy your favorite games!

By Using Video Capture Card:

Well, for this method to work flawlessly, you might have to spend some cash out of your pocket and buy a Video Capture Card, which doesn’t cost that much, and you can get your hands on one quickly. This method will work any of your laptops, whether it has the Windows OS or the macOS (Sorry again Chromebook owners). So these things are the ones you should have if you want to play the PS4 games on your laptop with this method:

  • A Laptop
  • A Video Capture Card (Just buy it already)
  • HDMI Cable (You have it, don’t you?)

So these are the only things you would need to play the games on your laptop. But before that, just go to your PS4 Settings Menu, under the Internet Connection Settings, enable the File Sharing option, and you are good to go. Now follows these steps:

1. Get your Video Capture Card ready.

2. Connect it to your laptop via a USB cable.

3. Install the drivers of the Video Capture card in your laptop.

4. Now its time to connect your PS4 to the Video Capture card, to do so you would need an S-Video Connection cable. Connect the HDMI-IN in the Video Capture Card and HDMI-OUT in your PS4.

5. Your PS4 is now connected to your laptop. Now run the respective software of your video capture card that came along with it.

6. Turn on your PS4 device; as soon as the device is turned on, the software will tend to search the PS4 eventually, and if found it successfully, your PS4 screen will be reflected in your Laptop screen, and you will be able to play your favorite games.

This method is one of the easiest and hustles free, but you will have to spend some money on it, so it is totally up to you!

By a Third-Party Software like OBS:

Connect PS4 with Laptop by OBS Software

Connect PS4 with Laptop by OBS Software

If you are a content creator or an editor, then you must have heard of OBS, and it is pretty popular among the PC Gamers and the Creators. OBS is a handy tool that allows its users to capture the screen, stream their gameplays to the popular social sites, capture screenshots, edit videos, and many more. So you might be thinking about how it would help you to play your PS4 games on your Laptop screen. Well, it is simple; users will mostly have to repeat all the steps, as told in the first method that is by using “Sony’s Remote Play” and then use OBS to stream their game. OBS will most likely stream your game to you, and the main work will indeed be done the remote play. Anyway, let’s get started:

1. Download and install Remote Play and OBS Software for your respective OS.

2. You will again have to snatch the other screen from your siblings for a minute as it is needed to enable the Remote Play option from the settings of PS4.

3. Alongside with that, don’t forget to select your PS4 as the primary device, this option is already enabled, but to be on the safe side, just check it out.

4. Now go to the Network settings of your PS4, make sure that the “Rest Mode” and “Stay Connected to the Internet” are enabled, then check “Turning On PS4 From Network”. This feature would allow the user to turn on their PS4 with their internet connection.

5. Now connect your Wireless or Wired controller to your laptop and let it sync through the Remote Play application, which you installed in your computer.

6. After the controller would be connected, your PS4 will automatically be synchronized with your laptop, and the PS4 Home Screen will appear on your laptop.

7. Now run the OBS Application on your laptop.

8. Select the screen capture option in OBS, and select “Remote Play” application. There might be other windows open on your laptop, but you will have to choose Remote Play as to stream your games.

9. Now you are completely ready for your streams!

Finalized Conclusion:

All these methods are proper, and you can try the one which suits you the most. Some ways require you to buy accessories like Cables, Video Capture Card, and Stuff, so you will have to spend some of your cash. There might be a question roaming around your mind that by implementing these methods, will it affect your laptop’s health? Well, the answer is ‘no’ if you have a Laptop with decent specifications. These methods would never harm your computer in any way, but if you try to use these methods in a low-end laptop, your laptop’s temperature might get higher, which can affect your CPU and GPU. So please first check out that if your laptop has a decent specification or not, otherwise you are good to go in all ways.

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