How to play Xbox One games in Laptop

Can I play Xbox one games on my PC?

Gaming is an addiction that you can’t be away from it for an extended period. So if you own Xbox One and plan to go away from it for a certain period because of some hurdles, then your easily carried Laptop can give the purpose of your Xbox One for that period. Pretty cool, isn’t it? But there are some things that you need to consider and implement, and you will be good to go. I am going to tell you the two ways to play the games of Xbox One in your Laptop, so you would have to choose the one according to your circumstances!

How to play Xbox One games in your Laptop?

How to play Xbox One games in your Laptop?
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Play Xbox One Games right into your Laptop

These two methods will let you play your favorite Xbox One Games into your Laptop. But remember one thing that your Laptop should have Windows 10 installed in it to play the Xbox One Games!

1st method to play Xbox One Games in your Laptop

If you want to implement the first method, your Laptop and your Xbox One must be connected to the same Internet Network. And that is only possible when you are in your home or near your home. You can use this method when someone else is using the TV on which you play Xbox One games, so it is better not to waste your time and use this method.

Follow these steps:

  • You should have a digital copy of your Xbox One Game.
  • Start your console and go to its settings.
  • Under the preferences, tick the box that says, “Allow game streaming to other devices.”
  • Start your Laptop and open the Xbox App (Which is only available in Windows 10).
  • On the upper left of your screen, there will be a menu bar, select the “Connect” option.
  • Your console will appear in the following options.
  • Connect your Xbox One Controller, and you are ready to play your Xbox One Games.

2nd method to play Xbox One Games in your Laptop

What if you are not in your house or near your home? Then don’t worry, Microsoft has still got you covered! You can even play your Xbox One Games in your Laptop when you are not around your house. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Create a Microsoft/Xbox Live Account.
  • Connect it to your Xbox One Console.
  • Now open the Xbox app in your Laptop.
  • Log in with your Microsoft/Xbox Live App.
  • Buy the digital copy of the game you want to play (Discs won’t work).
  • If you already own the digital copy, skip the above step.
  • Now Download and Install the Game you want to play in your Laptop.
  • Now you can play all the Xbox One Games in your Laptop easily.

Does the upcoming Xbox Series X have this feature?

Many of you might think of this question that will the Xbox Series-X have this feature or not? The answer to this question is that Microsoft may also implement this feature to its upcoming console, but you will also need a High-End Gaming Laptop to run the games of Xbox Series X in your Laptop. But there is also a chance that Microsoft will remove this feature from their upcoming console as it could bring a loss to their revenue as the players would jump to the High-End Gaming Laptops or Computers rather than buying the new console. PlayStation 5 is also coming, which will surely bring some competition to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. But let’s see what Microsoft will bring to their fans!

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