Protect your eyes while using a Laptop

If you have been using a Laptop and other similar accessories, then you must have to face some particular problems with your Eye-sight that can be harmful to your health. The continuous workload on your eyes from devices like Laptops and Computers can greatly affect your Eye-sight, and that is why you should always consider some measures so that it would not affect you that much. If your eye-sight has already been affected by your laptop, then there is no other thing you can do except having a checkup from your doctor. But it is not possible that you just leave using the laptop to protect your eye-sight, but there is always something you can do to protect them up.

10 Tips to prevent your eye-sight from being damaged

10 Tips to prevent your eye-sight from being damaged

Can a laptop screen significantly affect your eye-sight?

When we were your or infant, we saw our parents advising us not to sit too close to the television or computer, they were not doctors, but they knew what they were talking about the thing. In today’s era, the eye-sight problem indeed has become a preeminent problem of the youth, and they are not giving that problem the attention it should get. It is proven and tested that a Laptop screen or other device’s screen can significantly affect your eye-sight, and it can be dangerous for your health aspect. Aside from that, these screens mainly affect your eyes when your eyes get too much workload from you. The workload includes stress, staring at the screen, and concentrating on it. That is why some precautionary majors are to be taken to avoid these things.

In other cases, not all of the screens affect your eye-sight; there are different types of screens having different types of features and specifications that can avoid the damage to your eyes.

Which type of screen is best for your eyes?

If we talk about the types of screens, then some are being widely used all over the world. But, the best one for your eyes would be the one having IPS Display with Matte specifications. If we talk about the glossy displays of the screens, reflection is one of the major problems in it. Glossy displays have brighter reflections of light and objects around you, which usually distracts the eyes, and the eye-strain increase dramatically. But aside from that, Glossy Displays offers its users the sharper images and sharper pixels that define the image and video with high definition, and that is why most of us choose the glossy displays over matte displays without even thinking about the workload and eye-strain.

There are also some other things which matter when choosing the best screen for your laptop or computer. It is tested that the screen with backlight is not suitable for the users who feel eye-strain and have eye-sight problems, so it is always best to choose the screens that do not have backlight integrated into it. Another factor is to see if the screen has an Anti-Glare feature integrated into it. Anti-Glare greatly reduces the screen damage to your eyes, and your eyes don’t feel that much pain and stress when focusing on the screen if your screen has an Anti-Glare feature in it.

How to stop Eye-Strain?

As we have discussed before, displays play a major part in the affection of your eyes, and you should first checkup the specification of your laptop’s screen before buying it. Aside from that, you can follow some rules and regulations to reduce or stop your eye-strain completely.

If you have great eye-strain and you feel pressure on your eyes very frequently, then you can also try to optimize the brightness of your laptop, brightness is directly proportional to your eye-sight that means that the higher the brightness, the higher the eye-strain. If you are working for too long and staring at the screen for a long time, then you should take a little break every half an hour. You can eat snacks or take your favorite drink in the meantime, which can reduce your stress as well as the eye-strain, which you are worried about it. Aside from that, you can also have a splash of cold water into your eyes. Doctors have said that this trick can greatly reduce your eye-strain for the time being, and you will feel more comfortable by doing so. It can also be best if you could close your eyes and lay down somewhere after splashing the water on your eyes, as it would be helpful for your eyes.

You can also buy a zero strain magnetic removable screen for your laptop from the famous online stores or your nearest computer stores. You just have to paste this screen on top of your Laptop screen, and it will serve you the purpose of a protective screen for your eyes. These screens usually have features like Anti-Glare, but as per the reviews of most of the users, they merely serve a good purpose for their screens. If you have some extra bucks in your pockets, then you can try this, but it is usually not worthy.

But another case comes in if your eyes have already been affected by the Laptop screen, and then you are having the Eye-Strain issues. If that is your case, then without wasting a single second, you should book an appointment with your eye doctor and let him examine you. In the end, you will be advised to wear the glasses according to the doctor’s prescription. But do you know which type of glasses will be best for you if you are a regular Laptop user? Then let me tell:

Which type of spectacles is best for Laptop users?

Normally doctors prescribe the spectacles having anti-glare and anti-reflective features to the users who use a laptop and similar devices every day. It would be better if the spectacle is having these features as well as the UV Light and Blue Coating onto it. If we compare these spectacles to the normal ones, we might see a clear difference in their specifications and the benefits they would provide; the Anti-Glare and Anti-Reflective spectacles would cost you a little more than the normal ones. Still, it is indeed worth to spend a little on the thing that can save your eye-sight.

10 Tips to prevent your eye-sight from being damaged when using a laptop

So here are the ten tips you can use to prevent your eye-sight from being damaged:

  1. Keep the brightness low when feeling eye-strain.
  2. Get your eye examined by a professional doctor if the eye strain and stress is too much.
  3. Do not use a laptop or any other electronic gadget in dark or very low lighting.
  4. Adjust your font and text settings if having problems while reading.
  5. Wear spectacles when using a laptop if prescribed by the doctor.
  6. Implement the famous 20-20-20 rule to your eyes. Meaning, after every 20 minutes while using a laptop, look away from your device and stare a distant object up to 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This rule will significantly relax your eyes.
  7. Upgrade your display to the IPS Matte screen.
  8. Take frequent breaks and get relaxed.
  9. Splash some water in your face when feeling increased eye-strain.
  10. Do not sit too close to the laptop screen, always maintain a suitable distance in order to protect your eyes.

Final Words

Lastly, it only depends on you whether you take precautions for your eyes or not. It would be the best way to protect your eyes by remaining self-conscious all the time while using a laptop. Other things indeed also matter, but you will have to fix you first to proceed further!



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