Razer Blade Stealth Gaming Laptop Review

Buying a gaming laptop especially when you have to take care of the budget related requirements is not an easy thing. I myself have suffered from such confusions quite a lot especially when I started with buying different gaming laptops for reviewing them and sharing my experiences with you.

I fully understand the troubles of anyone going through the same confusion and that is why I particularly decided to give you a detailed review of one of the most hyped gaming laptop in 2020. However, before you begin, I think it’s the right time that the avid gamer in you gets introduced to a good gaming laptops buying guide.

For a brief overview, the features you should give special attention to while investing in a gaming laptop include:

  • Processing Speed
  • GPU
  • SSD’s space
  • Cooling system
  • Keyboard
  • And a few others.

Now that you’re a little aware of what to look for in a gaming laptop, Let us have a look at the Razer Blade Stealth 13 gamer and it’s too-good-for-gaming features that have literally raised the bar a little too high.

Razer Blade Stealth 13 Ultrabook Detailed Review


Considerably a budget-friendly laptop that has features powerful enough to easily get it ranked into the list of Best laptops for Photoshop, the Razer Blade Stealth 13 has brought about a great revolution in the world of gaming laptops, in terms of its design and speed.

I am not saying that the other new gaming laptops by the company, for example the Razer Blade 15, have an average designing. However what wonder the manufacturers have done in designing this laptop are enough to make everyone fall in love with this gaming beast.

Display Features

Razer’s Blade Stealth 13 is a stylistically designed slim and compact laptop with amazing speed. While the size it comes in is very well featured in some of the best budget gaming laptops, the sleekness of its body is hard to be found yet in any other gaming laptop of the same price.

Once you are fully enticed by an ultra-slim and compact, yet sturdy, body of this laptops wrapped in a beautiful aluminum anodized frame, its about time you take a glance at its 13.3 inches of fully HD 60Hz display screen.

There are thins bezels around the screen that gives off an accurate color. The best part about this display is the 100% sRGB color saturation that lets you experience your gaming visuals realistically.

 Don’t forget about the laptop’s GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q GPU by NVIDIA which, even when expected to be mostly there in some of the best gaming laptops under $1000, is doing way better in this laptop.

Processing and performance

Even when the makers of this laptop have specifically focused on features like mobility and compactness, there seems to be no lack of attention given to the processing and performance of this gaming laptop too.

This thunder bold 3 assisted 10th Gen. laptop has an i7 Intel core 4 processor working at 1.3 Ghz capacity and 9 Ghz base max capacity. There is a huge RAM of 16 GB alongside an SSD of 512 GB that you can easily upgrade whenever needed. You can also check out my guide on the best SSDs for gaming laptops to make a better decision as well.

Sometimes, this laptop my not look like a great multi-tasking option especially when you are going intense power-consuming tasks. However, it can go pretty fast and smooth most of times. In case, over usage and long age makes it a little slow, you always have my guide on How to make your laptop’s speed super-fast at your assistance to help you out resolve the speed-related issues.


What’s better than an RGB backlit Keyboard with a feature of customizable single zone RGB lighting for a gaming laptop? Well, let me tell you that this device features the same keyboard with 16.8 million color’s kpallet.

The touch pad is wide, spacious, and sensitive enough and made up of precision glass for an even better gaming experience. Some other notable features include:

  • Windows 10 OS
  • Windows Hello face recognition
  • IR sensor and a great web cam
  • Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multiple ports
  • External GPU compatibility
  • Great battery life
  • Great venting system

Gaming Performance

As I have already stated too much, this laptop is a great option for anyone looking for a fully equipped and powerful gaming beast with such a price tag. It is fast, has great processing, smooth visuals, and is portable enough to be taken everywhere.

The RGB lit keyboard paired up with good storage capacity and an efficient heat emitting system lets you enjoy the hardcore gaming at its best.

Most common Queries about this Laptop

  • Can I get another keyboard installed easily if the first one gets any issues?
    Absolutely, why not! Razor devices are strong enough to last you long but if for some reason they can’t you can easily find replacements parts.
  • I’m concerned about the battery life?
    Trust me, its great enough to last you on the go for at least 5 hours with hardcore gaming all on.
  • How about its wide angle view?
    Can’t say it’s the best you can ever get, but it is pretty decent to enjoy your games and photoshops easily.

Final Verdict

A good option for those looking for mediocre gaming laptop’s to suit their budget, this is an upgraded and powerful version of some of the best 13 inch laptops that you’ve seen in a while. I am sure you are going to love it more for its stylishly compact body if not anything else. 

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