Samsung Galaxy Book S Laptop is finally launching in the United Kingdom

Samsung Galaxy Book S laptop was recently released in early Feb in few countries, but now as the title suggests, Samsung’s innovation is going to hit the markets of the United Kingdom pretty soon. Samsung has officially announced that the Galaxy Book S will be available from now on (as for the 24th of March, 2020). The price stated by the officials is £999, and you can buy the device at this rate from the official stores or the retailers. The release of Samsung Galaxy Book S in the UK might boost the sales of Samsung as the UK provides a significant number of customers to Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Book S Laptop is finally launching in the United Kingdom

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What does a Galaxy Book S Laptop offer to its users?

This Ultra-Portable Samsung Galaxy S Laptop has brought some amazing features which the users would love to get. There are many competitors in the market, releasing Portable Laptops or Tablets like Apple’s or Intel’s, but the audience also wants to see the lower prices so that they can easily get their hands on those devices. Yet, Samsung Galaxy Book S Laptop isn’t very cheap, but it is offering more than the other devices are offering in this price range.

Who doesn’t want to have a super-slim laptop, which can be easily carried anywhere around the globe, so why not pick the Galaxy Book S? Manufacturers have done a fantastic job to make it super slim and to provide it a professional look with the smart exterior. Alongside the super slimness, Samsung Galaxy Book S only weighs 1 kg, yes you heard it right!

The best thing about Galaxy Book S is that its processor can easily handle the Windows Operating System, unlike its rival devices. You can install any Window-Compatible program easily in your Galaxy Book S and do whatever you want.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Book S

The specifications of Galaxy Book S are pretty good, looking at its body size and price. The Galaxy Book S is integrated with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx processor, which has 8 cores and 8 threads. This beauty has 8 GB of RAM, which ensures the tasking to be done smoothly without any type of Lag or shutter. Samsung is offering 256 GB or 512 GB versions of Book S Laptop so that you can choose the one according to your needs.

One of the most critical factors of a laptop is its screen, resolution, and size. But don’t worry, as Samsung has got you covered in all three elements. A significant 13.3 Inches screen with a 16:9 ratio provides you the ultra-realistic experience when watching movies, playing games, or scrolling down your old pictures. Not only that, the touch experience is also smooth and scratch-free, but the point to be noted here is that the screen should be inking free. But of course, you can use a pen if needed.

Features of Samsung Galaxy Book S Laptop

Samsung Galaxy Book S Specifications, Samsung Galaxy Book S Price

Samsung Galaxy Book S Specifications, Samsung Galaxy Book S Price

This device has got some excellent features that you would use in your daily routine. As all the laptops do, Galaxy Book S is also integrated with 802.11 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0. One of the best features is that the LTE is enabled in this Laptop so that the users can use fast internet wherever they want with the ease of mind. And for security, you are provided with the Fingerprint sensor, which ensures the safety of your laptop and data. The beautiful keyboard and screen give you a look you want. This device comes in different colors so that you can choose one that matches your choice. You can select from Earthy Gold and Mercury Gray, which looks like the Matte Black and gives you a new smart look.

If you want to have a video chat with any of your known, the HD 720P camera will help you a lot to produce a good video of you. You can use the camera to stream, chat, or click pictures anytime.

Most of the people, when buying a laptop, look for the battery backup time, and surely it is one of the most important factors of a Laptop. The Battery integrated into Galaxy Book S is 42Wh that can provide up to 23 hours of backup time while performing routine tasks.

If you think this Laptop might be a good fit for you, then you can get your hands on it from now on!

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