Fixes for Top 10 Windows Laptop Problems

If you have a laptop and you are using it for a long time, then you might have faced some annoying problems, and it is a hustle to deal with them. There are many problems a Laptop user would face even it is the Battery Problem, Slow Tasking, and many others. But there are always some ways that you can sort out your problems and make your Laptop hustle-free. To do so, you will have to follow particular guidelines and instructions that can help you to solve each question that is causing you trouble with your computer.

There is also one thing to remember that some problems of your laptop might not be solved by just doing some settings and changing the preferences; you might have to add or upgrade some of your laptop’s components so that it can work properly. But this scenario is just for very few cases, and usually, all of your laptop’s problems can be solved without sliding any of your money. So let’s check out the most common issues of a Laptop user and try to fix them with the latest working solutions in 2020.

How to solve the most common Windows Laptop Problems
How to solve the most common Windows Laptop Problems

How to diagnose the laptop’s problems and fix them

If we talk about the diagnosis of a Laptop, then you can just run the Windows Diagnosis test, which is pretty much useless for me. Still, if you are lucky, the Windows Diagnosis test will provide you the details which are causing trouble for your laptop. But in most of the scenarios, it doesn’t, so you just have to figure out yourself what is the problem and then solve it with all of your might. But here I have formed a list of the top 10 issues that a user of laptop face with the device and with the solutions of it, so let’s get onto it!

Top Ten Laptop’s Problems and their Solutions

Let’s get started with the problems:

Battery drains quickly

Windows Laptop Battery drains quickly
Windows Laptop Battery drains quickly

This problem is one of the most common issues a laptop user might face, and it is an annoying problem. But there are particular reasons that the battery of your laptop is draining too fast and your Laptops dies quickly. First, you would have to know what types of features are enabled when you are using your computer when on battery mode. Most of the time, wireless features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drains too much battery, and if you are using the internet on your laptop while on cell, then it is your fault. The internet usage while on battery should be minimal to save up the battery, and it is very best to turn off every wireless feature like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Hotspot.

You can also solve out this problem of yours by simply setting up some things from your laptop. It is always better to use your computer in low brightness because brightness drains too much of the battery. You can also turn on the Battery Saving option from your Laptop’s Operating System Settings which allows saving up a lot of battery because it minimizes and closes most of the battery draining programs running in the background. Other than that, you should also keep in mind that if you play games or run heavy software, they will eat up your battery even before you know it, so it is always a good option to perform heavy tasks when the laptop is plugged in. By doing so, you will save up your battery, and the computer will perform even better when plugged in.

Blue Screen Error

How to fix Blue Screen Error
How to fix Blue Screen Error

If you are facing the Blue Screen problem on your laptop, then there is something fishy going on in the background of your system, and it is better to solve it as soon as possible. Blue Screen can be called as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) can be caused by the hardware failure of your laptop or if you haven’t correctly installed the drivers of your peripherals and components. Blue Screen Error usually wipe out your data that was in progress when the error occurred, or if you are lucky, windows would have restored your information or create the dump file for you. Blue Screen of Death usually occurs in all of the common Operating Systems like Windows 7, 8, and 10, and it provides a pretty decent error look in Windows 8 and 10 but a very nasty one in Windows 7. Most of the users Uninstall their windows and install it again to solve the problem, and it indeed is one of the most common solutions for the BSOD, but there are still some things you can do that can solve this problem.

As it occurs mainly by the hardware failure or fishy applications in the background, you might want to run a complete system scan of your computer. If there is any type of malware or virus in any of your applications or program, the antivirus will sort out the problem and will delete it. If not, then you might try to uninstall any of the recent apps that you installed because that application might be causing the BSOD to occur. Updating the drivers might also do the trick, but this trick would rarely work for this error, but you can always try your luck out.

Finally, if nothing worked for you, then you can restore or uninstall your windows to solve your problem because that is the last possible solution for that. Don’t forget to save your essential data and files before reinstalling the windows.

PC Boots Slowly

How to fix PC Boots Slowly
How to fix PC Boots Slowly

It is annoying to wait for your computer to boot up, but when it boots up even slower, that can be out of hands for the users to control the desperation. Few things can cause your laptop to boot up slowly, but you can fix this problem eventually.

If you have some applications or programs installed in your computer that automatically run when you boot your computer, then you might want to disable their auto-startup feature in the first place. These programs and applications cause the system to give them a priority so that they can be opened as soon as the system boots up, and that is why it takes so long for it to boot. If you disable these types of Applications, you will see the considerable change in your booting speed. This solution will not only fast up your booting process, but it will also fast your system as a whole, and you will be able to use your laptop more efficiently. If you don’t see any considerable change in your laptop’s speed, then you can also try upgrading your OS or free up space on your computer. You will also have to make sure that the drive in which the OS is installed has enough memory so that the windows can run properly.

After all these methods, if you want your laptop to run smoother and boot fast, then you will have to spend money and buy an SSD for your laptop or computer. SSD is the best solution to this problem, and it can give a massive boost to your laptop’s programming and booting speed in no time. SSDs are generally expensive than the HDDs because of their built mechanism and work function, but SSDs are always worth the money. You can speed up your tasking, loading, copying/pasting, gaming, and of course, booting your computer with the integration of SSD. If you don’t have enough bucks to purchase an SSD of more storage, you can just buy one of 128 GB and make sure to install your windows in it; this will massively speed up your laptop’s booting speed and the speed of every program installed in that SSD.

Getting rid of Windows Updates

Getting rid of Windows Updates
Getting rid of Windows Updates

Who doesn’t hate the Windows Updates? I think we all do! Windows Updates usually slow down the computer, and the restarting process can be complicated for the users to handle. Not only the computer’s speed, but the Windows Updates also eat all of your internet’s pace, which makes the internet slow. So why not disable the Windows Updates permanently to keep your Laptop and Computer fast and sound. You can always turn off the windows updates by going into the Windows Updates settings and setting it to “Pause Updates for seven days.” But as it seems, it is only temporary, and to do it permanently, you will have to do some tricks with the Windows preferences.

You can follow these steps to turn off windows updates forever:

  • Press Windows + R Button
  • A dialog box will appear
  • Search “services.MSc”
  • After it, search “Windows Update.”
  • Now select the properties option
  • Click on the General Tab
  • Set the startup to disabled
  • Now click stop on the properties box, and finally click apply
  • Your Windows Updates has currently been disabled permanently.

Disabling your Windows Updates will give you a speed boost, and your laptop or computer will never be as slow as it was before. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to turn off the windows updates as windows updates bring their users with amazing features and bug fixes, which can be helpful for you. But if you have a slow laptop or computer, then there is no stopping you from following the above guide and disabling it to make your computer fast.

Files startup with outdated default applications

Files startup with outdated default applications
Files startup with outdated default applications

There are hundreds of programs and applications that automatically start with the default windows apps. The default windows apps are usually outdated, and that is why the programs you want to run can cause problems and difficulties for you to use the apps efficiently.

Most of the users face this problem when opening the media files, whether it is an image or a video file. Windows always start it with its Windows Media Player, which barely has two or three features. These types of default windows applications minimize the abilities of a user to perform different things with their program. That is why it is better to change the default app settings for your application so that the next time when you try to open it, it will be opened with the right program that you choose.

To do that, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the application you want to run
  • Click on Open With the option
  • Click on Choose another app
  • A dialog box will appear
  • Now search out your directory and select the program which you want to use it to run
  • Now tick on the Always use this app box
  • Your application will now always be opened with the selected program.

This solution can help you out to use your programs and applications as you want it, and it is essential, too, as the programs or files should be run with their full capabilities.

Microphone failure and problems

how to fix Microphone failure and problems
how to fix Microphone failure and problems

You might have faced some problems and difficulties with your microphone when using it on any type of application or the browser. There are certain circumstances and reasons for which the microphone stops working, and it doesn’t let you use it in any case. Some ways can help you to use your microphone again, and they are pretty basic and straightforward.

The first thing you can implement is to update the drivers of your sound device. By doing so, your microphone can get working again because the newer applications require the latest drivers of the components to match up with them. If this doesn’t work, you will have to see that if your microphone is enabled for specific applications that you are trying to use. Windows security usually turns off the access of certain features if it finds that the program that you are trying to use is suspicious or contains a virus. So you will have to enable it manually by going into the Microphone Privacy Settings and enabling the option that says, “Allow access to all apps.” You will be all good after that.

In the end, if all of these methods do not work, then you will have to troubleshoot the problem and will have to check if your microphone is working correctly or not.

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

how to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues
how to fix Wi-Fi connectivity issues

There are usually Wi-Fi connectivity issues in a laptop which are not that hard to solve. If you are facing problems connecting to a Wi-Fi or your Wi-Fi is frequently disconnecting from time to time, then you will have to consider some things and solve them out. The most worked solution for this problem is to reinstall the drivers of Wi-Fi and install the latest ones that have been released by the brand.

Most of the modern laptops also have a Wi-Fi enabling button right on the upper side of the computer, which the users can press to enable and disable the Wi-Fi any time they want. So you will have to make sure if the Wi-Fi is enabled through that button so that the Wi-Fi could start working again usually. You can also check out your firewall in the windows security system because Windows Firewall limits the access of the internet in the order because of the un-trusted internet connection. So you can just go to the Windows Firewall and enable the entrance of the internet to the system, and your internet will start working again in no time.

You can perform all these tricks and ways to solve your Wi-Fi connectivity problem on your laptop. But there can also be a problem with the modem of your internet connection. The modem might be causing some issues and challenges that result from the computer not connect to the internet properly, so you just have to restart your modem and try to unplug and plug the connection wire again in it. Most of the time, resetting the Internet Modem or device solve the internet connection problems, but if it doesn’t work in your case, you are only left with the options that I have stated earlier.

Windows Search Feature not working properly

Windows Search Feature not working properly
Windows Search Feature not working properly

Windows Search is an essential feature of the Operating System as it enables the users to find anything right in just one place. Users can only enter a single alphabet, and the relevant results will appear in front of you. But if this feature stops working, you may get in deep trouble because this feature saves up a lot of time. So there are indeed some fixes that can help you revert anything that happened to the Windows Search Feature and you will again be able to find your stuff in one place.


You can first try to disable the Bing Search Engine from your computer. Multiple sources state that Bing interferes typically with the Windows Algorithm and cause trouble with Windows Search Feature. So it is best to disable Bing Search Engine right from your computer and see if that works. It can be tricky to disable Bing search preferences from your laptop because you will have to perform some registry settings that you don’t know. But as always, I have got you covered, and you can follow these steps to disable Bing right away:

  • Open Run command
  • Type “Regedit” in its search box and click enter
  • Now double click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER that would be available on the dialog box
  • Now go to Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Search
  • Now right click on the dialog box and click on New
  • Now select D-WORD (32 Bit) Value from the options
  • Now type BingSearchEnabled and click enter
  • Now double click on the entry you just created and type 0 in it
  • It should already be 0, but to be sure, check it!
  • Hit the Ok button and then click CortanaConsent
  • Again put the value 0 and click ok
  • Now you are ready to close the tab and restart your Laptop or Computer
  • Bing Search preferences should be disabled by now, and your Windows Search bar would currently be working properly

This method indeed looks like a lengthy procedure, but if you get onto it, it will merely take 5 minutes of your time, and you will be done in a blink of an eye, so just try it out!

Another solution you can try is to run a troubleshooter of Windows that comes built-in with the OS. If there is any problem with your Search Bar, the troubleshooter will show you some errors stating the reasons for it, then you can just click on the fix button to solve your problem, and your Search Bar will start working again.

Laptop Overheating

Laptop Overheating
Laptop Overheating

If by chance, you perform heavy tasking or play games on your laptop, then it is not even possible that you haven’t ever faced the heating problems on your computer. Overheating your processor or graphics unit can severely damage your components, and you might have to replace them or get a new laptop if you don’t fix the heating issue. The overheating causes typically because of the airflow problem on the computer. Because all the components are packed, and there is no significant airflow in them. This thing results in the overheating of the elements.

You can first try to change the thermal paste of your CPU and GPU because if you have been using your laptop for a long time, your component’s thermal paste would already have dried. So it is always best to change the thermal paste of it and get rid of the heating issues. If this solution doesn’t affect the heating issues, then the final option for you is to buy a Laptop Cooling Pad for your laptop. Laptop Cooling Pads don’t cost that much, and you can easily afford them. Laptop Cooling Pads will allow the air to flow from the Laptops, and that will keep all of your components under temperature, and that is the best solution for this problem.

Laptop freezing issue

A laptop usually freezes and gets stuck in just one place for an extended period, and this thing annoys the users. The freezing of a computer causes the users to lose their data that was opened before. Also, users would face difficulties coming out of that freezing situation. The freezing of a computer happens typically because of the insufficient RAM in a computer, so when a user opens a program that requires more specs than your laptop’s, then this problem would occur and cause the data loss.

The only thing you can try is to press and hold the power button of your Laptop or Computer to completely shut down your laptop and start it again to access your data. This technique will indeed pull you out from the situation, but the freezing thing might happen again to you. To solve the freezing problem permanently, you will have to upgrade your RAM at lease or never try to open that particular program, which caused this to happen.

But if you want to try that particular application again, it is advised to save all of your data first, then close all of the things in the background and then run the specific application. This thing will allow the system to provide its best capabilities to the program, and if you are fortunate, the app will work just fine.


The thing is as simple as that there is always a solution to a problem, and you can fix them all efficiently. Some problems indeed require cash to be solved, and some need knowledge and how-to of the computer system to solve.

If your query is not mentioned here, you can always ask in the comment section and I will try to grab a solution for that and will deliver it to you as soon as possible.






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