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How to track a stolen laptop quickly

Every day, thousands of Laptops and Devices get stolen by the thieves, and the owners just let them have their device without even concerning it.

How to track a stolen laptop quickly and efficiently

How to track a stolen laptop quickly and efficiently

How to track a stolen laptop quickly and efficiently

Every day, thousands of Laptops and Devices get stolen by the thieves, and the owners just let them have their device without even concerning it. The thing is, you can quickly track a stolen laptop and find your laptop or device if someone steals it. Some efficient ways would help you to do so, and that is why you should not lose hope to get your device get back to you in any manner. You can file a report or just find it yourself if you have enough information. By information, it means that where your laptop is connected, what is the IP address, or location, this information would help the authorities to locate your devices quickly, and you will get what you own.

What technology can be used to track your device after it has been stolen?

It is not any type of Rocket-Science that most of people think it would. Thousands of Applications and Programs would help the users to provide the info of their device in no time. The technology which is going to be used to recover your device would simply be possible with the IT Big like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, or Apple. They have indeed encrypted their system with the technology that would tell the users from where the device is connected, and it will also provide its IP Address, which is the primary key to solve out your problems. Other than that, some encrypting software also uses techniques and tech to find out the location of your device, and all the info would be provided securely and safely that can’t be traced in any way.

4 Easy and Effective Ways to track your lost or stolen laptop

Now, if your laptop has been stolen or lost, then you might now be thinking that how would you get it back? Well, that is why I am going to tell you these four ways which would help you to get your hands again on your laptop doesn’t matter if it has the macOS or Windows OS. So let’s get started with the procedure:

Locate Windows 10 Laptop using Find My Device Feature

If you keep your laptop updated, then your computer should have Windows 10 installed in it. When you first set up your device, Windows asks you to turn on “Find My Device” feature, so you should turn it on by then, but if you haven’t, don’t worry as you can still do it in the settings. Also, Log In your device with your Microsoft account and make sure that your device is connected to the internet when you turn on the feature.

So how can you actually track a stolen windows laptop with this feature? It is pretty straightforward, if your device gets stolen or misplaced, then you just have to log in to your Microsoft account on any device, go to the My Devices section and click on Find My Device. Microsoft will search thoroughly and will tell you the location of all of your devices in which you logged in with that Microsoft Account, so just click on the device that is stolen, Microsoft will show you the location of it in a map. BOOM! Now the position of the device along with IP address is available if it is connected to the internet. And if you also want to prevent the thieves from accessing your data, you can lock up your device from anywhere by using the same feature so that nobody would be able to access your data.

Check out this YouTube Tutorial to better understand the procedure:

Locate your Macbook Laptop using Find My Mac Feature

One of the best and powerful features of Apple’s devices is that they have got some serious privacy and security for their devices, which makes them inaccessible in many ways. Apple always integrates its tools with substantial security interference so that the data of a user would be protected at all times. Now, if your Macbook is stolen or misplaced, then how can you track your stolen Apple Macbook? First, you have to be sure that the device that was taken had this feature enabled or not. If not, then you might get in trouble, but it is already enabled by default; that is why there is nothing to panic about it. Now you indeed remember your Apple ID and its password, don’t you? So just visit the iCloud site and log in there with your Apple ID and Password. Now the procedure goes the same as it went for Windows 10. Soon after logging in to the iCloud, you will see the option to find your devices at the top, just click it, and the list of your tools in which you used the same Apple ID will appear in front of you. Now choose the device which is stolen or misplaced. iCloud will now you show you the exact location of your device on the map, and now you can find the stolen Macbook in no time.

You can also track a stolen Macbook with serial number by inserting it down on the iCloud site or directly accessing the Apple Support. If it is misplaced somewhere in the house, you can also make it ring with iCloud so that you can find it in your home, but never do that if your device is stolen, otherwise the thieves would know that you have tracked the laptop.

You can also lock your Mac to prevent the thieves from accessing your data by using iCloud services, and your Mac will be blocked entirely, and any of your data will not be shown.

Check out this YouTube Tutorial to better understand the procedure:

Locate your Laptop using Gmail IP, Dropbox Sync or Social Media Accounts

You must be getting thousands of Emails from Google that your account is being logged in any other device or “Is that you” Emails every other day when you log in your Google account in any other method, these Emails are pretty annoying, but they are now definitely going to help you. If you have the Dropbox and Gmail Application installed in your Laptop or Macbook, then you just don’t have to worry.

If a theft opens your laptop and connect it to an Internet connection, then your Dropbox will automatically sync, and it will retrieve an IP address from the computer. If the theft opens your browser, later the Gmail will also try to refresh the new mails, and it will also retrieve the IP address from the device. You can check out these new sessions by accessing your Google and Dropbox accounts from any other device and check out the latest courses which would eventually tell you the IP Addresses for the latest syncs and logins. This way can efficiently help you to track an apple laptop or a windows laptop as the mentioned applications work in most of the Operating Systems.

Facebook and other popular Social Media Platforms also have a great security system and features. So when your account is being Logged in by a new IP Address, you will get the Email or Notification in your other device stating from where it was logged in. In this way, you can track down the IP Address and Location of your stolen device.

Locate your Laptop by using a Third-Party Tracking Software

Using Third-Party software is also a smart way to recover a stolen laptop, but it is only possible if you have already set up those applications in your device. So if you want full security and privacy of your device, you better set up these types of applications as soon as possible because you don’t know when it might get stolen. The Tracking software usually tells you the exact location of your device along with the IP Address it is connected. Users can use this software to locate their equipment and have their hands on it again.

So here are some best Device Tracking Software where are helpful:

Hidden App Anti Theft Tracking Software

How to Track Laptop with Hidden App Anti Theft Tracking Software

How to Track Laptop with Hidden App Anti Theft Tracking Software

Hidden Anti Theft Software is one of the most trusted software for Mac users as it is also being used by Millions of Mac owners to ensure that their device is sound and safe. This particular software is currently only available for macOS, and they have not released its version for Windows OS for now. Hidden Anti Theft is providing its services for particular fees that a user would have to pay before using the application. It works in a way that it provides a detailed location and address of your device where the thieves are holding it. Not only that, but this software also enables its users to track what is going on with their equipment. Not only that, but users can also deliver a message to the thieves with the help of this software so that the thieves would know that they are in trouble. By chance, in any case, if the device is not being recovered or traced, users can always erase their data so that no one could access it, and their privacy would remain safe at all times.

Prey Project All-In-One Security Software

How to Track Laptop with Prey Project All-In-One Security Software

How to Track Laptop with Prey Project All-In-One Security Software

Prey Project is All-In-One security software that provides its services for free, and it doesn’t charge anything out of its users. Prey Project works for both the Operating Systems, whether it is a Windows OS Laptop or a macOS Laptop. Not only that, but they are also providing their remarkable services for your SmartPhones as well. But users can also track down any of their devices safely and without any type of hustle. With the Prey Project, users can get detailed statistics about their equipment and where it is being held for a specific period. Users can also take secret images of thieves with their camera of the device so that they can track them up later. Prey Project also enables users to capture the screenshot of your device so that the owner can exactly know what is being opened in the machine. This feature will help the users to know whether if it is an illegal website or the social accounts of the owner. The software will also let the user send a specific message with a loud beep to the thieves so that they can be alert at all costs.

Pombo Hidden Tracker

How to Track Laptop with Pombo Hidden Tracker

How to Track Laptop with Pombo Hidden Tracker

Pombo is a hidden tracking system that works in the background of your computer. Combo currently works on both Operating Systems, no matter Windows OS or macOS. Pombo works in a way that it just sends you the log details of what is being done on your device in your absence to your selected web server. The log file might contain IP Address, Date, Time, Location, Nearby Routers, Screenshots, and Images captured by the webcam. Users can just visit their selected web server, and Pombo would have sent a log file into it. Pombo provides its services for absolutely free, and they do not charge anything from their users.

FlexiSpy Software

How to Track Laptop with FlexiSpy Software

How to Track Laptop with FlexiSpy Software

FlexiSpy is a Premium Paid tracking software that offers a ton of features to its users. Users can use FlexiSpy to track down their lost laptops or know the location of their stolen devices. FlexiSpy offers its services for most of the tools that are being used by users like Android Phone, IOS Phones, macOS Laptop, and Windows Laptop. FlexiSpy allows its users to track and spy everything of a Laptop that is performed in it. Whether it is an application, browser, tab, or installation, users can know it all with the help of their premium services in no time.

TheOneSpy Mac Monitoring Software

How to track laptop with TheOneSpy Mac Monitoring Software

How to track laptop with TheOneSpy Mac Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy is a monitoring software for the MacBooks owners around the world. TheOneSpy currently only provides its services for macOS and its paid because of its amazing features that can help the users to make their work done. TheOneSpy allows its users to capture images with the help of the webcam of the laptop so that the pictures of the thieves can be taken. Aside from that, with its hidden feature, users can record the screen of their computer without letting the thieves know. TheOneSpy also enables its users to get the activity log and IP Address of the Laptop along with its location so that it can be made easy to track down the laptop no matter where it is.

Norton Security Solutions

How to track laptop with Norton Security Solutions

How to track laptop with Norton Security Solutions

Norton is a well-known name when it comes to the Antivirus and Security of a System. The same case goes with their tracking system as Norton provides its excellent tracking features for every device of a user, whether it is a SmartPhone, MacBook, Tablet, or Windows Laptop. Norton is a paid software, but they usually offer a free trial to their users so that the users could know how well their software does. Users can locate their devices or remotely lock them up with the help of the Norton Security software, not only that users can also take snaps of the spy or the thieve with the webcam/camera of a device with the help of their software.

How can you erase your data if you failed to recover your device?

Unusually, your laptop would not be retrieved through the methods stated above. Still, if something goes wrong, you can always erase all of your data so that your personal and private files could not be leaked to anyone else. There is some trusted software I have stated above, like Prey Project and Hidden App Anti Theft Security software, which enables the users to erase complete data from your laptop in case anything goes wrong with the recovery.

How can you know if a laptop is stolen or not before buying it from someone?

Well, it is pretty normal to be cautious before buying a laptop, no matter if it is a Macbook or a Windows laptop, because it might be stolen, and you would not want to get yourself in trouble. If you’re going to find out about the device, if it is stolen or not, you can always ask the person from which you are buying it about original receipts of the owner and the store from where it was purchased. You can also check the laptop’s serial number and input it in the online theft registries to check out if there is any complaint registered to that serial number. Turn on the computer and check for the files if there are any suspected ones on the PC. If everything is excellent and the seller has provided all the receipts and details, you can get your hands on it!


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